How to get AimExpress working on Mozilla, running on a Linux Box

So, I was at work and I was using AimExpress on the Windows side. I have Exceed running and I was working on some scripts on the AIX box. I didn’t want to switch back and forth, so I tried running AimExpress on Mozilla. This is Mozilla 1.6, and the website says that it supports Mozilla 1.4 and up. So I try to run it, and of course, it doesn’t work! It says the browser is unsupported! I look all over for documentation on this, but can’t find any. I guess no one has tried to do this.

This bothered me a lot, so I tried getting past it. I closed AimExpress on the Windows side and restarted it. When the login screen came up, I looked at the properties and found the URL for it. I used that in Mozilla and the login screen came up! Schweet! I logged in, but then I got the unsupported browser error… I wasn’t sure what to do… I knew that AimExpress ran on IE as some sort of DHTML application… If I was just able to get the address of the page, I was pretty sure I could run it on Mozilla by accessing that page directly. But they had disabled the context menu on the app, so there was no way I could find anything. There wasn’t even a menu bar. So I looked to see if there were any shortcut keys to View Source or Properties, or anything like that. I saw F11 for Full Screen. So just for the hell of it, I tried it out. And Voila! There was an address bar on the top, and I could see the address!

I took the address and put it in Mozilla. I accessed the page and I got the sign-on thing again. I signed in and I got the stupid “Unsupported Browser” page again. Then I figured they are definitely using cookies (or sessions), so I accessed the AIM DHTML App page again and BINGO! I was logged in! 🙂 Hehehe… I was so proud of myself!

Anyway, so here are the steps:

1. Fire up Mozilla and enter in the address bar.
2. Log in. It will come up with an error page. Don’t worry. Enter in the address bar again.
3. AimExpress should be up and running! Enjoy!