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Bumped Up

I bumped up my line speed from 640k/256k to 1.5M/896k. Expect faster downloads from here!

Broke through the proxy

I did it! I broke through the proxy! Although TightVNC runs ridiculously slow through Httport. I’m getting speeds like 137b/s. I wonder if I can make it faster.

Doing things that are probably illegal

Ok, so if comments aren’t showing up, it’s because of newlines… I need to fix that. I thought I had taken care of it, but apparently not… hmmm…

Anyway, at work I am trying to tunnel through our proxy. M$ has to screw everything up with the proprietary NTLM authorization. Stupid Microsoft. I probably shouldn’t be trying to tunnel through the corporate proxy. Well, tough. They should let me have access to everything I want access too.

This is probably why people say I shouldn’t be let anywhere near a computer. Oh come on! That’s just a major overreaction.


I’m finally able to ssh to my machine at home from work! We have a proxy that doesn’t let me ssh to anything outside the corporate network. So I found out about this thing called httptunnel that let’s you forward connections from your local machine, to the proxy, and from the proxy to a specific port on your server. I set up a server running on one of the ports on my FreeBSD machine and then ran the client program from here to forward all connections from port 22 on the localhost to the proxy. The proxy then takes the information from the client and connects to the port on the FreeBSD machine where the daemon is listening. Pretty sweet!

Hard Drive

I got my 80 gig Maxtor HD today. Woohoo! I’m also getting my block of IP’s today. I’ve switched over from Qwest to FastQ. I should have everything set up by Sunday… Then it’s off to Cali for Spring Break!


I’ve placed an order with Qwest to change my ISP to FastQ. I’ll be talking to FastQ tomorrow so I can figure out what I’ll need to change on my current network connection. Probably just the DNS entires I think. I will also need to ask them about Static IP’s. I want to get that all done before I leave for California for Spring Break.


Sharity-Lite stopped working… No, wait… Actually it might have been my Windows machine. Ever since I installed that piece-of-crap Xilix ISE and ModelSim software my computer has been acting weird. It wouldn’t authenticate requests from Sharity-Light. The only way I could mount drives was if I enable simple file sharing. I couldn’t have that… I wanted it to be exclusive… It used to work before, but for some reason, now it doesn’t. That’s when I discovered SMBFS. It’s pretty neat. Mounts Windows shares really well! That and CUPS works really nicely with my HP Deskjet 812C, which is now connected to my FreeBSD machine. God I’m such a nerd!

Some new screenshots

I’ve got… like FOUR screenshots of KDE 3.1. Yeah, I was bored. I added support for PNG images to the image manipulation script. KDE 3.1 is pretty sweet… but ever since the update, samba and cups have been acting strange. Samba works for the most part. Cups doesn’t work at all… I can send raw data to my windows printer, but I can’t seem to use the driver… weird… I’ll have to mess around with it some more…

CUPS working

Got CUPS working. I really should document my work… smb://[email protected]/HPDeskjet812C… Anyways, all I have left to do is set up the colour scheme and stuff like that… of KDE… and install Mozilla again… Fun… Fun…

FreeBSD 5.0

Installed FreeBSD 5.0. Of course, nothing went as planned. I downloaded the ISO’s and burned them, but the CD’s turned out to be worthless as they wouldn’t boot. Don’t know why. So I ended up with a couple of coasters. I decided to do it instead through FreeBSD. It worked this time. Got my system pretty much the way it was under 4.7. I still have to set up CUPs. I did get Samba working again. Although, I should document my work a little better. It would be easier… especially with Samba… I spent 15 minutes trying to work out a kink… My quick and dirty journal file only had the remark “search the web for relevant documentation”. It took some time to find what I was looking for. Well, anyway… it looks like it’s working great…

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