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Month: May, 2004


This is great. I haven’t been home at all. Last week I was in LA. This week I am in SD. I love it. Just having tons of fun. I will be back in Arizona on Monday. Right now I’m chilling with my cousins and my sister in SD. My parents were here last week. They left for Oman last Sunday :(. But I will be seeing them in a couple of months when I fly to India and Oman. After that, they will be coming here in November :).

Bumped Up

I bumped up my line speed from 640k/256k to 1.5M/896k. Expect faster downloads from here!

Things I would like to do

Sometimes I wish I had time to do the many things I would like to do.

First, I would like to code a lot – no surprise there. Then, I want to do some linguistic stuff. Read up on all sorts of languages; try to make inferences as to their relationships and their derivations. I want to be able to decipher languages that have not been deciphered – like the Linear A script and the Harappan Script. Oh yeah, talking about scripts – I would even like to go on an archaeological dig to these sites (Crete, Harappa). That would be awesome. Oh hell, I wouldn’t mind just any old archaeological dig.

I want to learn Indian classical music completely. I wish I hadn’t been such a brat when I was little. My mom tried to teach it to me. I learnt a little bit, but I was never happy about learning it it. I was such a brat. I really regret it. I’ve been trying to read up on it as much as I can, and I find it very intriguing. There seems to be intricate mathematical relationships between the different scales. Compositions seem to follow certain rules. That is something I would really like to understand.

I want to come up with a way to describe dancing – and I mean stuff like the Salsa, Cha-Cha or Rhumba. Yeah, that sounds strange – but I have noticed that these dances have a strict set of rules and transitions from one step to another are clearly defined. There has to be a mathematical relationship involved!

There is so much to learn in this world and not enouch time. I know that is one thing I will always have – the urge to learn more and more…


I graduated today. I could have finished in 3.5 years if I hadn’t joined the Army. But that’s a decision I don’t regret in the least. Five years at ASU and I have learnt a lot. I can write assembly code, do latin dancing, and field strip an M16A2. Although I didn’t learn the last one from ASU.

The Graduation ceremony went by quick. It was awesome though. I can’t believe I’m done. Now I’m in the real world.

There is a lot more I want to write. But I’ll do that later…


I got an A in CSE 521. Wooohooo!

Dr. Pheanis’ Surprise Retirement Dinner

Today we had a Surprise Retirement Dinner for Dr. Pheanis at C-Fu Gourmet. I didn’t find out about this until two or three days ago. Apparently this thing had been in place for a while. I was planning something separately for him, when Marc sent me the evite for the dinner. I sent out the invitation to forty more people. I didn’t realize that there were no spots left! They managed to open up a few more, so I was able to get in. But that really didn’t matter, because they squeezed in more people anyway!

The dinner was amazing. It was so awesome to see the love, admiration and respect that was there. It is undeniable that Dr. Pheanis is an amazing professor and mentor. Every person in that room has learned something from him. He has instilled so many good values in us. Honesty, perseverence, good work ethics, responsibility, and finally… good documentation (with good grammar) and how to write REALLY GOOD code. I can not even begin to describe what an amazing man he is. He truly is one of the few people I have met, that has inspired me so much. I am not the only person either. There are 109 others at the dinner who feel that way… and 90 others who couldn’t make it, that feel that way too. I shall remember everything he has taught me. I feel honoured and consider myself lucky to be his student.

He received at least three standing ovations from us. He was so touched and moved. Especially when he received a framed certificate that said “To the Greatest Professor Ever, Thank You”. He was moved to tears.

I don’t think any of us there, could have thanked him enough. I wish his retirement had been under better circumstances. But I think that even if ASU doesn’t care, his students and his colleagues do. That’s really all that matters. We will all remember him for what he taught us and for what he is – an excellent professor.


SuperXam: there is a couch in the women’s restroom in ecg.
tofurkey101: yup
SuperXam: how come the men don’t have a couch?
SuperXam: are there couches in all the women’s restrooms?
tofurkey101: no
tofurkey101: because men don’t get cramps
SuperXam: oh… is that why? so when you get cramps you have to sit down
SuperXam: i thought it was there because it was a girly thing or something
tofurkey101: you hope for too much

That solves the mystery…

Dr. Pheanis’ Last Class

Today was Dr. Pheanis’ last day as a professor. We were his very last class. He said he would remember us the most because we were his last class. I think it is very fitting that the CSE 521 class would be his last. We are essentially (in his view – I am not just saying this), his best students… the “creme de la creme” as he put it. There are very few students that he invites to take CSE 521. CSE 521 is a hard class and he invites you to take it only if he thinks you are smart enough to take it. I am glad he thought I was smart enough to take it. I like to think that we represent his success as a professor.

ASU is losing an excellent professor… not that anyone in the management cares because they have their own f**king agendas. I really wonder what will become of the embedded systems department once Dr. Pheanis leaves.

I really am glad to have been taught by him. It really is an honour.


Holy Crap! It’s May already!

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