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Month: November, 2003


It’s Thanksgiving and I’m in Cali. Yay yay yay!


You know how someone always has a theory about men and women and how they get along together or don’t get along together or how they want to go out with each other or how they don’t want to go out or any amount of that crap. You know what? That’s all it is – CRAP!

The world sucks! Deal with it! There is no stupid theory. People are just people. And sometimes, people suck.

Yes I am quite bitter right now. Why do you ask?


Once in a while, something comes along and makes me feel ridiculously stupid.

I am not meant for some things. Or… some things are not meant for me.

Mutual Exclusion all around.


I am tempted to write something insightful. But I don’t know what. There’s a cloud in my head. Big. Heavy. But it won’t rain!

Two choices. One you’ve wanted for a while. The other one is new. One is ambiguous… confusing. The other seems more straightforward. One you’ve been trying to forget about – but it keeps coming back. The other one just popped up recently. The first one seems to be telling you to choose it. But you’re not sure – because it seemed liked that before, but you were wrong. The second one isn’t really telling you anything. It’s left it all up to you. Maybe the first one has too… but you’re not sure. Choice Two can influence Choice One – but in ways you cannot predict. You want to go for Choice One. You’d like it – but then again, it may be a mistake… Maybe Choice One doesn’t want to be chosen! Maybe you’re just assuming again that it wants to be chosen. Choice Two is new – easier to deal with perhaps.

With such ambiguities present, which one should you choose? Choice Two for now… Choice One is volatile – perhaps you’re not ready for it yet. Maybe later?


I got promoted to Specialist! Woohoo!

Unexpected Expectations

Expect the Expected and you shall have the Unexpected.

More Photos

I’ve added more photos to the Halloween 2003 Album and also some to the Garba 2003 album.


Peaks and Valleys… Peaks and Valleys… I freakin’ hate valleys.

Once a Geek, always a Geek. Some things are mutually exclusive. Especially when you’re a geek.


A hallway with doors. Open doors. They close when you approach them. Some you try to hold open…


What a lovely day… it’s awesome. The light coming through my windows is golden.

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