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Month: October, 2003

I wonder why

I wonder why I am such a geek. Does it have any redeeming qualities? (Other than writing really cool shell-scripts)

I don’t get it

Ok, so I am weird… sometimes… ok, a lot of times. But why is that everyone sees only ME being weird? My friend would do something weird and only I would see it – no one else would. Then I would do something weird and the whole room would go quiet and look at me. WHY?!

You must think I’m crazy… well, YOU’RE WRONG!

More Pictures

I’ve added pictures of the Tardeada Performance. They are in an album titled the same.

Trillian Pro 2.0

Extreme Schweetness!

The Top 10 Things Men Know About Women

10. They have breasts.


I saw Jesus. He was at The Library yesterday.


I setup PHPMyAdmin… DBA is going to be easier.

Commandline STILL r0x0rs!!!

Performance at the Tardeada

We performed yesterday at the Tardeada. It wasn’t a Comp Ex like I did over summer. It was basically a set of couples from the Latin 3 class. We did the Roueda which is Salsa in a circle. We thought we did alright and then Brenda, our dance teacher, told us that we did an excellent job!

I can’t wait for next semester… I can take Comp Ex again.

In a Magazine

Check it out! Johanna and I got our picture taken at the Bash. This was sometime in summer. The guy said that the picture would be in Clip – a spanish magazine. Our picture is online on their site now! Here is the link. I’m gonna put this picture in the Photo album also.

Saving the Cricket

I saved a cricket. He was in the kitchen sink while I was washing dishes and he was going to drown. So picked him up and put him outside.

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