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State Fair and Garba Pictures

Garba pictures are up

Went to the Arizona State Fair today. It was great! Saw Gin Blossoms and went on a whole lotta crazy rides. I was sick after the first two… but got better… then did some more crazy rides. Spiral fries are awesome.

Three albums uploaded

I’ve finished uploading three albums. More to come…

Photo Album Complete

After 3 years of empty promises, my pictures are finally on the website. You can track all of my promises through these journal entries… but anyway, it’s all done now! Ahhh… It feels good. The thumbnails will take a little time to load… that’s because it’s generating the file on the server – dynamically. I’m proud of this entire tool 🙂 The next thing I’m going to work on – Creating and Updating User information. Then what… Hmm… Links and Projects maybe… Update my bio and resume… oh yeah, make a debugging console… oh and even a reminder and a calendar tool… That should be fun…

User authentication complete

The website authenticates users now. If you try to log into any restricted areas, you are presented with an intimidating, yet helpful message which informs you that you have insufficient privileges. Now I actually need to add stuff to the User Tools page… I probably should make an Add New Users tool… certainly beats manually entering it into the dbase…

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