421 permeates the core of my being

by vivin

Ah 421! I love this class. It’s so hard. It’s a lot of work, yet I love it. I love programming in Assembly. This is where you’re but one level from the processor… manipulating its guts. Telling it what to do. There are no nice if-else statements here. No print statements. It’s at a way more primitive level than that.

When you think about it, all you are maniuplating are a bunch of 1’s and 0’s. But there is an underlying logic in those numbers – that is what you need to exploit. There is no distinction between data and program code. One is the other. They are all the same. You make order out of chaos. Assembly programming is an intricate puzzle. It tests your ingenuity. Sometimes when you have an epiphany it is as if the heavens opened and the angels sang…