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Month: June, 2002

I hate moving

I hate moving. I hate moving my locker and my bunks. I hate it. I hate it mostly because I’ve ONLY DONE IT NINE TIMES SINCE I’VE BEEN HERE!!! GOOD LORD! It’s the WORST. But anyway… I got it all squared away. Today was cool. Slept till 1030hrs. So made up for all the sleep I lost last week. Then pressed my uniforms and shined my display boots. After that we had lunch and then did the barracks… Got bay guard in seven mintues… SUCKS! That’s pretty much it… see you later…

Gets Even Better

It runs Applets!!! I can use the SSH Applet!! WOOHOOOOOO!!!


I RULE! HELL YEAH! Check it out! I’m at my personal webpage from the computer at my day room! Haha… They have a link to Hotmail, and from there I went to MSN, used web search, went to Google and then entered the URL for my website and BOOM! I RULE! This is KICK-ASS! I can use this whenever I want now!! Woohoooo!! More tomorrow… THE WEEKEND RULES!!!

It’s the weekend WOOHOO!

Alright! It’s Saturday again! Man! What a week! I have had a total ok 8 hours of sleep this ENTIRE WEEK! That’s because we have been practicing for the Drill and Ceremony competition. We’ve been up till 1 am doing it. Wake up is at 4 am… BUT I have to press my uniform and shine my boots and that gives me a grand total of (drum roll please) ONE HOUR OF SLEEP! So that’s how it’s been this entire week. I’m tired as hell. I’ve fallen asleep standing on my feet. How many of you have done that? Yeah I did that while I was at a Change of Command Ceremony. I was that tired. I haven’t slept yet… Nope… Can’t waste the weekend! That reminds me though… I’m PISSED! I’m supposed to be on BLUE pass… but NOOOO! I’m on WHITE pass still because they SCREWED UP my score on the PT Test! So I have to pay for THEIR mistake. Oh that sounds SO DAMN FAIR!! They added two minutes to my run time. I ran 2 miles in 14:44 and they got it down as 16:44… bastards…

What else? Hmm… Nothing else I guess… 9 more weeks to go. I wanna get out of here ASAP. I’m gonna post something tomorrow too…

Some more stuff from

What’s going on? Sorry for this spree of Journal Entries. I haven’t used a computer in over 3 weeks and I was having withdrawal symptoms – and now that I have access to one (with the bare minimum of utilities) I’m a little hyper. By the way, here’s a link to the Java SSH Client that I mentioned. It’s pretty neat. I was able to fix my page from here.

How are things here… hmm… HARD. As luck would have it, I’m in a really hard company – G Company and they’re BIG on PT (Physical Training). To give you an example, last Wednesday we did a 4 mile company run in 100+F and 60% Humidity. Yeah, so I’m getting my ass kicked. But I haven’t fallen out of any runs yet. And I’m not going to either.

That’s pretty much it. Classes are boring ass hell – all about filling out forms. It’s easy but BORING. I keep nodding off. Must stop doing that! But other than that, its just all about getting used to the routine. I’m pretty sure I can do it. It’s definitely easier than Basic Training. You have a lot more freedom, but you have to be responsible too.

Well that’s pretty much it. I might be here next week. See y’all then!

Java SSH Client

Don’t worry about the journal entry. I fixed it! I’m just sooo good. Check out MindTerm :). It’s a Java SSH Client Applet for IE. It’s real good! I used that to get to the database… cool huh??

See you all next week!

Hello From Fort Lee

Marc! Why am I not surprised? I know my encryption and security measures are rather lame… By the way, delete the blank entry. I’m a perfection ist and it bothers me 😀


Fort Lee Virginia is Cool. But its also HOT AND HUMID. I’ll be back on September 4th. Long ways away. I’ll be posting here from time to time though.

Anyways… What else? Getting my ass kicked at PT. We run at 3pm. Take the Arizona heat at that time and add some humidity and what you get is horrible weather to be running in. But I did it somehow. Classes are BORING! I try SOOO hard to stay awake.

Drill Sergeants are cool. You just gotta respect them and they’re cool. They’re amazing individuals though.

That’s about it… Will be back with more 🙂

MARC! Delete that blank entry!!

Oh, and I’ll give you access to my website too… so you can do stuff the legal way 😉

Viv is Gone

Hmm, Viv seems to be at Advanced Training. Just as soon as I find his address, I think we should all send him chocalate. 🙂


I’m almost gone and I hate rude people

I was supposed to leave today, but there was still some more processing to do, so I’m leaving tomorrow… GOOD… I wasn’t ready to leave. Hmm… I just am not looking forward to the adjustment period. I hope it goes ok… Arrgh… 12 weeks… learning how to fill out forms… I hope I don’t die of boredom. I am taking my CSE 225 stuff over so that I can get ready for the loads of crap in CSE 421 that I will have missed… And by the way, only my CSE 421 professor is cool… He’s kick-ass… the other two classes… ones which I won’t mention (for my own sake), those professors are total assholes. Rudest people I’ve met – won’t let me make up the work I’m going to miss, and won’t take time out of their “oh so busy” schedule to go over what I will have missed… losers… I’M DEFENDING YOUR FREAKIN’ FREEDOM YOU DUMBASSES!!!


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