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Month: April, 2002

Greg Davey needs an ASS KICKING!

I just realized how selfish I was. I never mentioned Greg! He was nice enough to put me on his site 🙂 but being the absolutely ungrateful person that I am, I never mentioned him… of course THIS SITE ISN’T COMPLETE YET ANYWAY!!! DO YOU HEAR THAT GREG??? THAT WAS WHY!!! THAT WAS WHY!!! But anyway, Greg is really cool. And so is Chris. So go ahead and take a look at Greg’s Site and Chris’s Site. Chris was an inspiration for my site – I learnt how to do all that neat fading stuff from him. Oh yeah, and while you are at Greg’s site, tell him that HE NEEDS SOME GOOD ASS KICKING!!!!

My Resumé

I uploaded my resume.

My Bio is complete

My bio is complete. If you don’t like it or are offended, SEND ME HATEMAIL!!! I will put up a more “professional” version sometime soon.

My Bio

My bio is up. It’s not complete. I’m still working on it. It’s also very weird.

A note on the journal entries

Just a note on the journal entries… I ported all the stuff that was under “news” on my old website to this one… So if you wanna go back and see my stuff from “back in the day”, go ahead… as you keep going forward in time, you’ll see the posts change from “Oh I’m such a happy freshman” to “I am a cynical and bitter individual”… Well… sort of… A nerdy bit here… I put all the entries into a database and I’m pulling it from there =D. Also, journal entries are sorted in descending order by date and then time… So the newest one is on top… Knock yourselves out…

That was a LOT of work

Hey everyone,

Not that very many people come to this page… and if anyone, not that they come here often. But I hope someone has noticed the radical changes that my website has been through. If you’re not running Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, you won’t be able to see this page… sorry! Maybe someday I’ll write a cross-browswer version (heheh yeah right…).

Anyway, this entire site is done in PHP – which is a pretty neat language by the way… Remember I told you about the cool stuff I’m doing at work? Well, this is some of it. Neat fading stuff… nice interfaces… I didn’t have access to a webserver that would let me run PHP. However, my good friend Marc, was kind enough to let me use his server to host my website – that was back in January. Everybody give a huge applause for Marc – yay Marc! Thanks buddy! =)

What else? Nothing much. None of the other links work as yet. They’ll be up bit by bit (very little bits). I won’t be here over the summer. I leaving on June 3rd for AIT at Fort Lee, Virginia. I’ll be there till the end of August, so you won’t be hearing from me for a while… Hope you like the new stuff…


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