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Month: February, 2001

Random Curse Generator

For lack of better things to do, I added a random curse generator of my own creation to this page. Now you are greeted with a random curse everytime you come here. I used to have a popup version a while ago, but now it writes out to the page. Oh and one more thing. Check out and They both point here now :)… Anywayz, that’s all… Take it easy…

Some minor changes

This is kinda late in coming. Yes I know there are NO updates. It’s coz I’m BUSY!! Well, I made this teeny tiny refinement. If you saw this page come up in a search engine, it was a link to the intro.html page. So I fixed it and it now checks to see intro.html is within a frame or not. If it isn’t then it links to the index.html page. That’s all I did… I got way too many assignments and stuff to put stuff here… I am doing some nifty webpage stuff but its at work and not here :(. Anyways take it easy…

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