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Month: August, 2000

Removing Malaika

Hey everyone… school has almost started… going to start tomorrow to be exact. Updates… I’m removing the Malaika section. Sorry, but the jpegs are taking WAY too much space. Plus, I’m trying to install gcj and I don’t have enough space. Oh and my pictures will be coming up soon… hang on tight! Alright… talk to you all later!

New Message Board

Alright people… how’s it going? Heheh… Napster is going to be up… at least for the time being! Ok, now onto more important stuff. I’ve got a new message board up. I’m not going to use the InsideTheWeb one anymore. I’ve got a CoolBoard one now. It’s much nicer and has many cool features. So all you ISG people from the class of 1998-’99 (12th grade) go check it out now and write something! What else… oh yeah… coming up… I’m making some updates on the About Me sections AND once I get to Arizona, I’ll put up pictures here… I promise! I know I’ve put it off for a while, but this time you’ll get the pictures! =). I’m not doing anything on the Links section just yet because all my cool toys (Adobe Photoshop, Paintshop pro…) are at home. Alrighty then! See you all later!

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