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Month: June, 2000

HP Sucks

Lessee… Things are not really going my way… I got a new scanner… but the damn thing still doesn’t work… it’s not smoking or anything, but when I scan, all I get is a black image… pretty wierd huh? I think I have a problem with my cable… other than that I have no idea why it’s happening… But anyways, I think I’ll be getting some time to do some work… first thing, I’m going to set up a new control panel… then I might do something on the links page. Pictures… I’m getting some stuff developed and so I’ll use the scanners at school to get pictures. Anyways, I gotta go now and work on some Prolog – FUN! 😉 Cya’ll later!

Busy, busy, busy

I apologize for doing absolutely NOTHING on this page… two things… I was busy… busier than expected and so I had absolutely no time… I might have done something had I got my scanner, but HP has been messing things up… man those idiots are really incompetent… well anyways, hopefully I should have my scanner by next week or something. I can’t say anything about updates… but if I get my scanner, I’ll see to it that I get some pictures up here… that’s all! Adios and take care…

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