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Mailserver troubles

I was running portupgrade -a on my FreeBSD machine when I discovered some problems. The first problem had to do with the size of my mail queue. I kept getting a “452 Insufficient system storage” message from Microsoft Outlook, along with an error code of 0x800CCC0F. I am running Postfix, and so had to edit to read:

message_size_limit = 51200000
mailbox_size_limit = 51200000
queue_minfree      = 102400000

Those sizes may seem rather large, but I’ve got room to spare. This got rid of the “Insufficient storage” errors, but then I got a new error. Outlook said that the connection to the mailserver was “unexpectedly interrupted” when trying to receive mail. This was a problem with my POP3 daemon. I wasn’t unable to telnet to port 110, so it seemed like it wasn’t running. I use Courier-IMAP, which comes with a POP3 daemon. I tried to rebuild the port, but it complained that the port was broken. So I had to figure out how to downgrade it (and then upgrade it):

[email protected] ~
$ pkg_delete courier-imap\*
[email protected] ~
$ pkg_add -r courier-imap
[email protected] ~
$ portupgrade courier-imap

The last step gave me some trouble. It actually didn’t install (it should – but I don’t know why it didn’t), so I had to go in and manually install it from the ports tree. I don’t know what happened, but running portupgrade on all the installed ports caused some sort of problem.

Once the port was installed, I still wasn’t able to get it to run. I tried looking for documentation, but I couldn’t find any really. The problem had to do with the authdaemond daemon. It wasn’t starting up. However, once I added courier_authdaemond_enable=”YES” to /etc/rc.conf, it started working fine.

I don’t know what it is with setting up MTA’s – I’ve always had trouble setting mine up. They’re the first things to break, and the last things to get fixed.

Mailserver woes

As expected, something went wrong. I had a vague sense of intuition that it would be my mailserver… and it was. I reinstalled postfix and everything is working. I was reinstalling courier-imap when it complained about I hate that file SO MUCH. It always shows up. Stupid shared lib. It comes from gettext, and so I tried reinstalling gettext and got the dumbest error message in the world ever:

-r: not found

Now what the hell does that mean? Absolutely NOTHING. Anyway, so I abandoned that because as I discovered, the old version of courier-imap was working perfectly.

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