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Everything Sucks

Work is boring. There is nothing to do. Everything sucks. I have so many things to take care of. I am leaving for training on the 3rd. My roommate Michael might be moving out, so I have to look for a new place. On top of that, my AIT training is 12 weeks… yes 12 WHOLE WEEKS! I’m in MAINTENANCE … GOOD LORD! 12 weeks to learn how to fill out forms? It better be more than that… When I’m done I’d better know how to build a nuclear weapon from sand and grass. Oh yeah, the worst part isn’t done yet. I’ll probably be back after school has started… OH GREAT! Isn’t that LOVELY? I’m taking CSE421 too! I love this! I completely LOVE THIS! Jeez… I hope everything works out… Life sucks. I hate it… Pool party on Wednesday… yaayy! Life still sucks…


Good lord… yesterday was interesting. We “celebrated” the end of the semester in a really big way. In a really big way. In fact it was so big that if it was any bigger, it would have collapsed under its own mass into a black hole and everyone would have died. We went to some party and I did the salsa with some girl. I never knew Physics majors did the Salsa… but then again… I am a CSE major… Baccardi 151 tastes like crap. How can people make money off something that tastes like crap? Good old capitalism. Then someone fell into the pool, but I didn’t get to see it because I was busy dancing. I got back home at maybe 4am. Crashed and slept till 11am… Not too long… went to Gouri’s honours graduation at 1pm… Sadhana, Rachna, Gouri and Shareen are celebrating “Fat Day”… ask them what it is… it has to do with eating a lot I think. I am hungry. I’ve only had chocolate milk.

I got cookies to work finally! Yeahhhh!! I’m on my way to adding a prettier version of the”Add Journal Entry” page… so I guess no visible changes… but be patient…

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