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Broadband speed-test results for T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network

I’m at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport waiting for my (delayed) file to Orange County. I was having trouble connecting to Sky Harbor’s free Wi-Fi and so I decided to tether to my G2. The phone was showing all four bars on the HSPA+ network and so I decided to run a speed test. This is what I got:

Broadband speed-test results

The average speed for T-Mobile as reported by is around 2Mbps, so I’m surprised that mine is so high. I ran a few more tests and I got results between 2.5Mbps and 3.5Mbps. What bothers me the most is that T-Mobile’s mobile network provides a better upload speed than the measly 896Kbps that Qwest gives me.

New Phone

Aha! I have a new phone! And I got it for $20!! T-Mobile exchanged that old crappy phone I had for a new one. This has a colour screen and has multi-tone ringing!

My midterm went ok I think…

Oracle is being a biznatch.

Cellphone and problems with this world

I have a cellphone now. It’s cool. I like it. I finally got one after all these years. It’s very useful. That’s the good news. In other news, I’m in an all-round pissed-off mood. I hate the world. The world pisses me off big time. Why? Just because. I have too much stress to deal with. Nothing is going my way. Don’t ask me how I’m surviving. I am somehow. Nothing has gone right ever since I started this semester. I got the opposite of everything I wanted. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. Murphy was having a ball. I wish something pleasant would happen.

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