The definition of ‘glennbecking’

glennbeck⋅ing /glɛnbɛkɪŋ/ [glenn-beck-ing]
The act of making unsubstantiated, inflammatory, usually derogatory, polarizing, and ridiculous statements about a person, organization, or country and then claiming or suggesting that the statement is true, because the subject [of the statement] hasn’t denied the statement.


  1. Many sources claim that Glenn Beck raped and killed a young girl in 1990*. However, Glenn Beck has done nothing to deny these claims or even clarify the matter. Does this suggest that he is guilty? Perhaps.
  2. Some sources claim that President Obama is very much like Hitler. He has done nothing to deny these claims. Does this suggest that he is like Hitler? Maybe.
  3. Joe: Dude, Sarah is a total slut. Some sources say that she has had sex with over 100 guys. She hasn’t done anything to deny these claims.
    Brett: Dude, Have you even talked to Sarah about this?
    Joe: No.
    Brett: Has she even had an opportunity to address your ridiculous claims?
    Joe: No.
    Brett: Do you think she actually cares what a loser like you thinks, or says?
    Joe: Probably not.
    Brett: Then quit, dude! Stop glennbecking! That’s just a total douchebag thing to do!
    Joe: You’re right. Glennbecking is a completely douchebag thing to do!