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Some new screenshots

I’ve got… like FOUR screenshots of KDE 3.1. Yeah, I was bored. I added support for PNG images to the image manipulation script. KDE 3.1 is pretty sweet… but ever since the update, samba and cups have been acting strange. Samba works for the most part. Cups doesn’t work at all… I can send raw data to my windows printer, but I can’t seem to use the driver… weird… I’ll have to mess around with it some more…

KDE 3.1

KDE 3.1 is so sweet!

CUPS working

Got CUPS working. I really should document my work… smb://[email protected]/HPDeskjet812C… Anyways, all I have left to do is set up the colour scheme and stuff like that… of KDE… and install Mozilla again… Fun… Fun…

My very own UNIX box

Happy Happy Joy Joy! I’ve only got the actual network and server configuration left. But almost everything else is done! FreeBSD is running with the KDE desktop and it looks SO TOTALLY KICK-ASS! Man, this is the BEST!

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