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Jones Day are a bunch of litigious bastards

A tiny startup called BlockShopper was bullied by a large law-firm (also known as a bunch of litigious bastards) into amending their hyperlink policy. Yes, you read that right. They were threatened and sued for linking to the law-firm’s website in a manner that apparently didn’t please them. See, the dumbasses didn’t like the fact that BlockShopper linked to them because they believed that their potential customers would somehow “confuse” the links and assume that the information on BlockShopper’s pages was officially related to Jones Day. According to the terms of the settlement, BlockShopper can’t link to Jones Day using, for example, “idiots who don’t know the internet works“. Instead, they have to explicitly use ““. Faced with potentially high legal fees that fall somewhere between “absolutely insane” and “eleventybillion”, and also faced by a judge who seemingly doesn’t understand how the internet works (he must have crawled out from under a rock somewhere), BlockShopper was forced to settle their case and accede to Jones Day’s demands. The Ars Technica article I linked to earlier has the full details. I suspect Jones Day (also known as clueless morons, imbeciles, dumbasses, bullies and all-round idiots) are going to get a crash course on the Streisand Effect.

The Internet is full of crap

From Friendster

Today’s Forecast

You’re still quite focused on your sweetheart, and the feeling is mutual. Have dinner out, and don’t be afraid to talk about the future. You won’t be the only person at that candlelit table who’s been thinking in terms of permanence.

It’s all good, on both sides of that romantic candlelit table. Don’t be afraid to bring up the topic of what tomorrow might bring. You’re on the same page, so if you’re with someone and it all feels right, don’t worry. The stars have arranged for romance, permanence and all good things. If you’re not currently attached, make tracks for the one place you know your kindred spirits gather. You’re set up to win at love, but you can’t win if you don’t play.

How much more inane can these stupid things get? Like I actually give a shit about my stupid randomly-generated, made-up horoscope. Does anyone take this crap seriously?

The internet is so full of crap. Stupid angsty teenagers writing bad poetry and dumb, insipid topics on message boards like “what shoes did you wear today lol”. I was checking out my Friendster profile and I see a topic on the message board: “Make a word with the first letter of the person’s name above you”. WTF?! WHO GIVES A CRAP?! I guess the people who do that kind of shit probably have such a low IQ that doing this kind of task might actually prove to be a mental workout for them. For crying out loud…

I don’t mean to sound like an asshole, but seriously… I really think there is a limit for how much pointless and useless crap a person can take.

Finally Back

So I’m finally back online. I’ve moved into my new apartment and everything is set up nice and pretty. Woohoo! It took me for ever to get my DSL because the people at Qwest decided that they just didn’t feel like setting up my DSL. The trouble I went through… jeez… Well, anyway. It’s up and running now. My job at Motorola is great. I’m having so much fun.

What’s gonna be on this website? No idea… hmm… What I’m planning anyway is to get an old P3 and run the webserver on that. I want to use my current server as a desktop… Should be fun…

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