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New Interface and bAdkOde

I changed the interface again. No more frames! There actually two index files up now. The other one will run on IE only. Anyway, the big thing is that I put something new up. I put up my pet project – bAdkOde. It is an interpreter I am working on. It’s a VERY early beta and you can check it out. I have provided a link. Hope you like it!

Changed this page around and added Hypernews…

Hey everyone! As you can see, I’ve done a major overhaul on my page. Changed the interface completely, but had to use (yuck) frames… Sorry!! Ok… what else? The interface is simple. It’s essentially a control panel. Hope you like it… you’d better… I spent hours working on that baby! Second semester started… it’s okay but looks to be tons of work. I’ll try and put more stuff up here. For all you CSE210 people, click HyperNews to access the message board! Well, that’s all!

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