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Garba 2001. 421!!!!

Pictures from Garba 2001 are up. Also, 421 is so much WORK. I still have to make my program more efficient… although my “efficient” version is ridiculously obese compared to my professor’s…

Lab 7

Lab 7 is interesting. The M6800 processor does not have a divide instruction. No Divide Instruction. Crazy, I tell you… When I was doing 225, I thought the M6811 was limited. I was wrong. Please give me the 6811! But I’ll tell you what… I’m glad I’m not working on the M6805… I heard that one is a stripped down version of the M6800… that’s too painful to imagine… but I’ll tell you what processor rocks… the M6809… You get a U register… and you can index off any register… you can even use indirect addressing! Now that’s a kick-ass processor. Oh yeah… and CSE 225 is no longer what it used to be… at least that’s what I hear. Apparently they work on the M68000, which has 16 (or 8 or some ridiculous number like that) 32-bit registers… and you can index of any. Now that is just obscene… completely decadent. What are they going to do when they come to 421? All we have here is one 16-bit register and two 8-bit registers. I could write all my 421 labs using just one 32-bit register. Come on… is that what you call assembly programming? Yeah right!

Ok, so I got a little carried away. But that’s what happens when you code in assembly… it’s cool like that…

Photo Album still WIP

I know the Photo Album pops up with a list of all albums, but it is still work in progress. You might (and most probably will) notice this page crashing. Sometimes this window might open up with the borders screwed up and none of the links showing. That’s because I broke the back-end or I’m working on it. Sometimes the links won’t work. That’s because I broke the Javascript files or I’m working on them. This entire website is WIP so you’ll probably notice a lot of that. I have to sleep now. Need to shorten my assembly code again.

When Geeks Get Drunk…

They only get geekier. That’s my revelation. My CSE 421 program is a bloated and ugly thing. I am trying to make it smaller.

Stuff at my unit

Had drill this weekend. It was alright. Went to Florence and had a lot of crap to put into the database. BORING. Slept out in the open at night. Those Army sleeping bags are awesome. They keep you real warm. I woke up in the middle of the night wondering where the hell I was. Then I suddenly remembered. It was about 2am, and the stars looked beautiful. Florence is way the hell out there and there are not many city lights. So you can see a lot more stars. It was really pretty… I fell asleep looking at them.

Four new things are happening at my unit. First, my section chief SFC Herring is clearing out to an EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) Unit. This really sucks, because he was an awesome section chief. I met our new section chief, SFC May, who seems to be a real awesome guy – former marine.

Second, I am getting promoted in December to E-4 rank. This means that I will be a Specialist – SPC Paliath. Among other things, I’ll be making more money.

Third, they might be transferring me out to another unit. This is because there are two people, me and this other guy, doing the same job (PLL [Prescribed Load List] Management). So they want to move me over to B Btry (Battery). I told my Commander and my 1SG that I’d like to stay, since the unit is 5 minutes from ASU and 20 minutes from my home (walking). It’s really convenient. They said they’d relay that to the Battalion Commander and also put in some words of their own. The final word is up to the Battalion Commander though. I hope I don’t get transferred. I like it in C Btry… I’ve made a lot of friends there.

Finally, there is another Indian guy in C Btry. This brings the grand total to (drum roll please) 2 desis in C Btry. I haven’t met him – he’s a Second Lieutenant. Which means, I will be addressing him as “Sir” and will also be at the position of attention while talking to him. He’s 2LT Tripathi. Will probably talk to him next drill.

Well, that was my weekend… I’m doing 421 now (no surprise)… going to sleep in a bit. I’ll finish the rest tomorrow.

Finally, a scanner that works

I am the proud owner of a new Canon LiDE scanner. I finally have a working scanner. The replacement that HP sent me never worked, and I assumed it was their piece of crap computer that failed to recognize the scanner. It seems to not be the case. I hooked it upto my Alienware machine and it still didn’t work. I hate HP. I have had the worst experience with them. They suck. Well, anyway, it’s good to have a working scanner finally.

I went to my Physics 361 recitation today for the first time. I got all my homeworks and quizzes that I never picked up. I am doing much better than I expected. Which is ironic, since I put the least effort into this class. I’m not doing all that great in 421. Missing those first two weeks really hurt me. It looks like it still is hurting me… and I’m putting the most effort into this class.

Can’t life get any better?

421 permeates the core of my being

Ah 421! I love this class. It’s so hard. It’s a lot of work, yet I love it. I love programming in Assembly. This is where you’re but one level from the processor… manipulating its guts. Telling it what to do. There are no nice if-else statements here. No print statements. It’s at a way more primitive level than that.

When you think about it, all you are maniuplating are a bunch of 1’s and 0’s. But there is an underlying logic in those numbers – that is what you need to exploit. There is no distinction between data and program code. One is the other. They are all the same. You make order out of chaos. Assembly programming is an intricate puzzle. It tests your ingenuity. Sometimes when you have an epiphany it is as if the heavens opened and the angels sang…

Ecological Simulators and Photo Albums

I finished the “Delete Photos” page on the Photo Album Tools page… which of course, none of you can see, since it’s in the admin section. But anyway… It took me this long, because I had other stuff to take care of… namely CSE 421. I only have the “Update Photos” tool to finish… after that, I should start working on the actual photo album display page. In other news, I’m working on a JavaScript version of my Perl Ecological simulator (the one that ran wild on ASU’s general server… ohhh I’m so proud of myself). Except in this case, it’s objects that are killing each other… it should give me a lot more flexibility. My creatures even have randomly generated names like “zexoyiwub” and “xorigewor”. It’s going to be fun… once/if I finish it.


It’s like 2:30am in the morning and I don’t feel sleepy. What the hell? I have four questions left in my Physics 361 Homework. I’ve been breezing through them real easy so far. I might demo Lab 3 tomorrow. I was $1D over my professor’s size… I cut it down to $E over… which is still 14 freakin’ bytes… must cut it down further…

My parents left

My parents left this morning. I’m quite sad. After two and a half years, I saw them for a grand total of 5 days. Hardly enough. I am planning to go to Oman this December. I hope that happens. Back to CSE 421…

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