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I got an A in CSE 521. Wooohooo!

Dr. Pheanis’ Last Class

Today was Dr. Pheanis’ last day as a professor. We were his very last class. He said he would remember us the most because we were his last class. I think it is very fitting that the CSE 521 class would be his last. We are essentially (in his view – I am not just saying this), his best students… the “creme de la creme” as he put it. There are very few students that he invites to take CSE 521. CSE 521 is a hard class and he invites you to take it only if he thinks you are smart enough to take it. I am glad he thought I was smart enough to take it. I like to think that we represent his success as a professor.

ASU is losing an excellent professor… not that anyone in the management cares because they have their own f**king agendas. I really wonder what will become of the embedded systems department once Dr. Pheanis leaves.

I really am glad to have been taught by him. It really is an honour.

Comments, Radix Sort, Adam and Eve

Ah finally! Someone made use of the Comments! I feel so special! Thanks Ed! Yeah and life sucks.

Radix Sort is an amazing algorithm. Too bad my teammate and I failed our first demo because we made the absolutely dumb mistake of not distinguishing between a BYTE and a LONGWORD. Yeah big difference.

Anyway, I thought this was cute:

Adam and Eve had an ideal marriage. He didn’t have to hear about all the men she could have married, and she didn’t have to hear about the way his mother cooked. (Kimberley Broyles)


I’m used to getting something back when I work hard on something. I got totally destroyed on a CSE 521 shotgun (quiz). And I tried so hard! I bet it’s really stupid mistakes. I don’t know… I feel really dumb right about now. Stupid stupid STUPID.

Crazy Semester

My last semester and SO much to do. It looks like I will be writing code 24-7… not too bad. I need to get a job… a REAL one… citizenship… a house… AAARRGHH SOO MUCH TO DO! And then there’s CSE521 – I am sooo tempted to drop it…

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