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IE6 just had to make it HARDER with their P3P compatibility. On top of that, my stupid domain name providers have some bizarre convention where they put the actual page (where or refers to) inside a STUPID FRAME. So when I run the P3P validator, it finds p3p.xml alright, but it’s inside a STUPID FRAME so it comes across as HTML to it… WHY ON EARTH WOULD ANYONE WANT TO SET IT UP LIKE THAT? I sent them an email… the bastards never write back… I hate them… I hate them so much… and I have another year with them… I’m going to go with next year… Yeah so why did I do P3P? Because IE6 won’t take cookies otherwise… But then I FINALLY got it all to work… I was making the pop-up window open with reference to so it was putting it inside that STUPID FRAME… I changed it and now it WORKS!!! WOOHOOO!!! P3P is still interesting though… Yeah so this site has P3P and you can read the policy here. The XML is here. I generated it using IBM’s P3P Policy Editor. It’s free and easy to use. I don’t understand half the legal stuff that’s in the Policy file… I just made it so that my cookies would work…

I hate school

School sucks. It really sucks. I hate school. My last exam is tomorrow – Sociology 315: The Sociology of Courtship and Marriage. Pretty interesting. I have to read this book about Dating Delights, Discontents… blah blah something and everyone thinks I’m reading a book on how to date. When I tell them its for a class, they don’t seem to believe me… whatever… it is for a stupid class… I hate school… Here is a link to some pictures… I’m still trying to get Cookies to work… Gravey was nice enough to send me some code… Let’s see if that’ll work… Oh yeah, the pics are here… Check ’em out… later…

I hate cookies

IE won’t set my cookies… the ones I send through PHP. I hate it. This sucks. This really really really SUCKS. Finals get done on Tuesday… WOOHOOO!!! Can’t wait!!

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