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FreeBSD machine configured

My FreeBSD machine is configured to the Cisco 678… I just need to figure out how to configure sharity light again… Hmm… Oh yeah, I took out the 20Gb harddrive from the XP box and put it into the FreeBSD box. FreeBSD recognizes it. No surprise.

Cisco 678

Got my Cisco 678 modem today. It’s set up and seems to be running fine. Ran into a few quirks (why does this always happen to me?) but ironed it all out. Need to configure my FreeBSD machine now.

New DSL modem, a possiblity of Employment and not going to California

Qwest is sending me a Cisco 678. The 675 doesn’t work with our current line. Also, using the Intel Pro/DSL 3200 USB modem is a pain. It royally sucks. Plus, my FreeBSD machine doesn’t recognize it. If I get the 678, I can just hook it up to the uplink port of the hub and then plug all the other computers in. Also, I’m buying ip’s, so I can set up the XP and FreeBSD boxes as servers. I’ll be transferring all my stuff from Marc’s server to mine then. I’ll finally have my own webserver.

My professor just informed me that I apparently I am a selection at Motorola. However, the decision hasn’t been finalized yet, so it’s still in the air. It’s good to know though… I was beginning to wonder if I had made it.

I’m cancelling my trip to California for thanksgiving. Lab 9 is going to be hard, and I need to spend all my time on it. It sucks… but oh well. Michael and I are planning to have a little thanksgiving dinner at our place. It should be fun.

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