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Netfirms is nice

I got my self an account on They are a pretty good hosting service. You can run cgi scripts too. I was originally running my cgi scripts off a server at work, but we took that server down during the summer. I lost all my cgi scripts… sucks… Anyways, I made a new bAdkOde.cgi file and this one has a counter. Yeah yeah… there’s that stupid ad banner on the top. But no biggie… Oh yes… REMEMBER to ALWAYS put Content-type: text/html on top of html pages generated by cgi… I ALWAYS forget that…

Some updates…

Hey guyz! Will someone write something on that message board? I’m tired of seeing those old messages… What’s happening?? How’s the new semester!! Nimish! I know you’re accessing it! I can see you! Write something! Okay.. on to new stuff. I’ve updated the About Me section. No Pics, I’ve rewritten the entire thing. Read it if you want. I think I will be busy all of new week. I have to figure out the entire process for my classes and essentially get used to the new schedule. Wish me luck! Well, that’s pretty much it! I’m thinking of starting work sometime on the guest book. I’d like to write it in Perl and have a CGI script. I can’t use CGI here as there is a security issue… I’ll think of something! Anywayz, that’s all! I’d better go now! Cya!

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