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Firefox hits 50 million downloads!

Firefox, the Open Source browser has hit 50 million downloads! Absolutely amazing!

I remember when I used to use Internet Explorer because I didn’t think there were any good browsers out there. I also remember when I even flamed Mozilla (I knew this would bite me in the ass later), but that was because this guy I didn’t like, who I used to work with, used it and it was kinda like a “guilty by association” thing. But anyway, this right here, is really noteworthy. I don’t think any other Open Source project has even grabbed the attention of your every day computer user as much as Firefox has.

Ever since I downloaded Firefox I’ve had a markedly better browsing experience. No pop-ups, no browser hijacks, and tabbed browsing! I don’t even know how I got along without it! Firefox wins hands down over IE with its simplicity, speed, functionality and inuitive browsing experience. Why don’t you Open Source critics take a look at this? If they think Open Source can’t produce anything worthwhile, they should take a look at this. This is what Open Source can achieve. Firefox is well on its way to being a household name.

Congratulations to the Firefox team! Also, if you don’t have Firefox, go and get it now!

More FreeBSD

I learnt some new stuff. CvsUP is pretty neat. I learnt the hard way that when you do a make buildworld you have rebuild the kernel the non-traditional way. My kernel wasn’t compiling and for a moment I thought I would have to go through all that madness with write failure on transfers again. See, I was trying to get Mozilla to work. It wasn’t finding some shared libraries… at least the downloaded one wasn’t. So I tried to install it from /usr/ports/www/mozilla and /usr/ports/www/mozilla-devel. However, both died on some perl errors. I was also trying to install cups, and this wasn’t working either for the same reason. They were both dying on some errors in Perl5.0x. It was due to an outdated perl module. But anyway, I decided I should reinstall EVERYTHING. So I ran /stand/sysinstall and reinstalled everything through FTP. Best install I ever did. Sure, it took longer, but I had no stupid write transfer errors. Also, all my old stuff was still there. My kernel config file, my X Windows config file, and rc.conf were all there. I just had to edit hosts.conf. Everything else was fine. Even the programs I had installed before were there. Well, Mozilla works now. There are two other things I am trying to get to work. The first one involves trying to access my printer (which is currently hooked up to my XP box) from FreeBSD. I installed cups and samba and installed my printer from [url:http://localhost:631]http://localhost:631[/url]. However, lpstat says that my printer is disabled and jobs stay in the queue. So I’m not sure what’s wrong. The other involves trying to get a working version of Doom Legacy.

Anyway, through all of this has been very helpful. There are a lot of people out there who are willing to help you out… After I’m a little more comfortable with FreeBSD, I plan to put up some documentation on this site. I totally love FreeBSD… I think the lines are being drawn… =) I can see why it’s better than Linux! Oh yeah, Mozilla is a pretty good browser. However, I wish they implemented support for IE filters. I’m not sure what their DOM is like, but they probably should all switch to Microsoft’s (sounds horrendous, but it’s the best choice, really) JavaScript DOM. It’s the best one. Netscape has it all backwards. I’m not sure what Mozilla’s DOM looks like, but like I said before, they should implement support for filters… I can’t see my own website on my FreeBSD box because I use filters extensively… cross browser? Yeah RIGHT! Ha!

Your own code. Use IE.

I probably should document my code. It’s not cool coming back to it after three months and wondering what the hell you were smoking when you wrote it.

I managed to figure out (vaguely) how I got fly working. I know I did something weird to the makefiles. I think I had to link it explicitly or something. Anyway, I can add Photos properly now. All I need to do is finish the “Delete Photos” and “Update Photos” option. Then I can put up the photo album for real. I need to make a non IE5.5+ version too… so that other people can use the photo album at least. I wish everyone would use IE. Seriously. Alright, alright… now you’re probably thinking “What? You can’t say that! That’s an affront to nerds everywhere!”… Microsoft is Evil, but it sure as hell makes my coding a whole lot easier if everyone just stuck to IE. Then there’s .001% Mozilla crowd going. Oh Mozilla is SOOOOOO much better than IE and Microsoft is Evil and you’re a traitor! Yeah whatever. Makes my job SOOOOOO much easier. Stick to IE and while you’re at it, PLEASE upgrade to the latest version – i.e 6.0 (eh? eh? get the pun?) If you’re still using IE4.0, that was sooo 4 years ago! UPGRADE!

No visible changes

Yeah, I guess there are no “visible” changes, but I got the pretty version of the “Insert Journal Entry” page done. I even made a new and improved select box because IE wouldn’t let me change the button properties on the default one… =D… Yeah I know it’s pretty nerdy… Anyways, I’m not sure what I’m going to do next… I think I’ll finish up the links page…


IE6 just had to make it HARDER with their P3P compatibility. On top of that, my stupid domain name providers have some bizarre convention where they put the actual page (where or refers to) inside a STUPID FRAME. So when I run the P3P validator, it finds p3p.xml alright, but it’s inside a STUPID FRAME so it comes across as HTML to it… WHY ON EARTH WOULD ANYONE WANT TO SET IT UP LIKE THAT? I sent them an email… the bastards never write back… I hate them… I hate them so much… and I have another year with them… I’m going to go with next year… Yeah so why did I do P3P? Because IE6 won’t take cookies otherwise… But then I FINALLY got it all to work… I was making the pop-up window open with reference to so it was putting it inside that STUPID FRAME… I changed it and now it WORKS!!! WOOHOOO!!! P3P is still interesting though… Yeah so this site has P3P and you can read the policy here. The XML is here. I generated it using IBM’s P3P Policy Editor. It’s free and easy to use. I don’t understand half the legal stuff that’s in the Policy file… I just made it so that my cookies would work…

I hate cookies

IE won’t set my cookies… the ones I send through PHP. I hate it. This sucks. This really really really SUCKS. Finals get done on Tuesday… WOOHOOO!!! Can’t wait!!

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