I just thought I’d add this… on my way to California, I had an interesting conversation with my Cab driver. It went something like this (this is a little ways into the conversation)

Cabbie:I’m only going to live in Arizona for a year more. After that, I’m going to live in Alaska
Me: Oh really? What will you be doing there?
Cabbie: I wanna be a Gold Prospector. And I wanna look for fossils.
Me: Sounds Interesting. What kind of fossils are you looking for?
Cabbie: Well, anything I can find. But what I really wanna find is a fossil of Big Foot.
Me: Oh… wow…
Cabbie: Yeah! Those things exist you know! One passed in front of my truck 20 years ago!
Me: Wow… must have been… interesting
Cabbie: Yeah. Apparently this guy found one up in Alaska but then the Government came and took it away. They government hides that kind of stuff from us. That and the UFOs
Me: Yeah… Totally…
Cabbie: Yeah. I know they have UFOs and stuff. All those abductions and things like that. They’re abducting people. I guess we’re like Lab Animals to them.
Me: Yup…

I reached the airport at about this time. So I wished him a Happy Thanksgiving and left. I thought the whole thing was rather interesting…