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Zen Magnets vs. Buckyballs or Buckyballs, meet the Streisand Effect

Buckyballs and Zen Magnets make nearly identical magnetic toys. Zen Magnets started a campaign where they sold both sets on eBay and asked customers to compare. Buckyballs CEO responded with a legal threat, and Zen Magnets posted a video on YouTube responding to their threat, showing how to compare the quality of both the toys. Buckyballs sent a DMCA takedown notice (a completely frivolous one) to YouTube and YouTube removed the video. Zen Magnets sent a counter take-down notice, but the video still hasn’t come back up.

But no need to fear. Buckyballs is quickly going to be educated on the Streisand Effect. Here is a mirrored video:

Also, here is an mp4 for download.

Giving toys to kids in Iraq

This is an old video; I just found it. I uploaded it to YouTube since you can’t view it on the original DVIDS site. When I was in Iraq our unit commander’s (CPT Callaway) mother sent a bunch of toys over to us. We took these toys and handed them out to Iraqi kids.

Glenn Beck is an asshole

…within the span of a few minutes, Beck implied that there are no quality medical schools in India; implied that medical care in India is a shoddy imitation of real health care; implied that the entire nation is an undeveloped backwater without even so much as indoor plumbing; and compared the Ganges River, a holy body of water for one of the world’s oldest and largest religions, to a disease…

I guess the only reason Glenn Beck is popular is because there is apparently a marketable-segment of idiots in America. You know, the morons that watch Fox News and actually believe what they hear. Glenn Beck, you are an asshole. You are an ignorant bigot and a douchebag. There are a few people that I know, that oppose the health reform. But the strange thing is that they have rather valid arguments, and even though I may not agree with them, I find them rather intelligent and well thought-out. I mean, Mr. Beck. I realize that by being an ignorant douchebag it’s beyond you to form coherent arguments but seriously… do you have to stoop to the level of offending an entire nation? Or what about the entire community of Indian-Americans?

Usually when people make arguments or counter-arguments about a topic, they usually know what they’re talking about because they’ve researched the topic thoroughly. Oh wait. That’s only if they have a proper show that actually discusses political topics with valid arguments instead of gleefully bending over for the lunatic far-right and being their sockpuppet. Hell, I probably shouldn’t blame you. You are making money after all, even if you have to sell your soul for it. No, your show is a circus and your arguments are bullshit. Even still, I find it appalling that you would denigrate an entire nation and community. You may not think much about Indian doctors, but they seem to be a successful and well-respected bunch in India, with a large number of satisfied customers. In one fell swoop you’ve insulted the cultural and religious sentiments of Indians, you’ve made light of the sweat, blood, and tears of her doctors that strive to serve their nation (and who have migrated to other nations, including *gasp* the United States and serve Americans), and you’ve implied that India is some backwater country without any sort of facilities. Sure, India is no United States and it has a long way to go, and even though you may have the right to say whatever the hell you want, it’s really, really bad form to make fun of a country and her people. You xenophobic, ignorant, douchebag. I find it surprising that even you would stoop this low for ratings.

You sir, are an asshole.


I was reading the BBC on Thursday and was surprised to find that India is going to create a new southern state out of the existing state of Andra Pradesh. I knew that at least one new state had been created in the last decade (the actual number is 3: Chhattisgarh, Uttarakhand, and Jharkhand). I didn’t think much of it, but my interest was piqued and so I read the article. To be completely honest, I don’t have a strong opinion on the subject, except for one thing: Hyderabad is going to be the capital of the new state. Hyderabad is a very important Indian city. It’s kind of like an Indian Silicon Valley and several Fortune 500 companies have their offices there. It’s a prosperous, modern, and hi-tech city.

Now some background. After reading the article about Telengana on Wikipedia, it seems that when the states of India were being re-organized along linguistic lines by the State Reorganization Committee, they were not in favor of merging the Telengana region with the Andra region due to economical disparities. The Central government decided to ignore the SRC recommendations and performed the merger anyway (perhaps using the reason that both areas spoke Telugu, and so there was no reason to split them). As was to be expected, over the past few decades, the Andra region has prospered whereas the Telengana region is still economically underdeveloped.

It would seem that in principle, there needs to be a separate state. However, I’m not so sure of the wisdom of handing over Hyderabad to a fledgling state. It will take time to create a new state-machinery and I think that Hyderabad could suffer in the process. In addition, the city is going to a state with an untested and nascent administration (obviously, because it’s a brand new state). So… maybe not such a great idea. On the general topic of creating more states in India (as a result of the imminent creation of Telengana, many other groups are agitating for their own states) I don’t really have a well-formed opinion. Maybe it’s a good thing – you can have more focused state-administrations and better management. However, the side-effect is increased fragmentation. The last few governments in India have been coalition governments formed with the support of regional parties. Creating more states is probably going to create even more regional parties and it’s not going to help the situation.

The definition of ‘glennbecking’

glennbeck⋅ing /glɛnbɛkɪŋ/ [glenn-beck-ing]
The act of making unsubstantiated, inflammatory, usually derogatory, polarizing, and ridiculous statements about a person, organization, or country and then claiming or suggesting that the statement is true, because the subject [of the statement] hasn’t denied the statement.


  1. Many sources claim that Glenn Beck raped and killed a young girl in 1990*. However, Glenn Beck has done nothing to deny these claims or even clarify the matter. Does this suggest that he is guilty? Perhaps.
  2. Some sources claim that President Obama is very much like Hitler. He has done nothing to deny these claims. Does this suggest that he is like Hitler? Maybe.
  3. Joe: Dude, Sarah is a total slut. Some sources say that she has had sex with over 100 guys. She hasn’t done anything to deny these claims.
    Brett: Dude, Have you even talked to Sarah about this?
    Joe: No.
    Brett: Has she even had an opportunity to address your ridiculous claims?
    Joe: No.
    Brett: Do you think she actually cares what a loser like you thinks, or says?
    Joe: Probably not.
    Brett: Then quit, dude! Stop glennbecking! That’s just a total douchebag thing to do!
    Joe: You’re right. Glennbecking is a completely douchebag thing to do!


Why the hell don’t content providers get it?

I just tried to watch South Park legally at South Park Studios. I wanted to watch Episode 8 (Dead Celebrities) of Season 13. I was then informed that “Due to contractual obligations, we won’t be able to air this episode until November 7th, 2009”. This episode originally aired a month ago. Seriously… what the hell don’t you get you dumbass idiots? I don’t want to watch your show when you want me to. I want to watch your show when I want to. Furthermore, I don’t want to watch it on cable or satellite where I have to put up with 3-5 minutes of cheesy and obnoxious commercials during every commercial break. However, I will gladly watch it legally with 10-15 second commercials online, so I’m glad that you do provide me that option. But what the hell is the deal with making the episode available to watch online one month after it has aired? Are you guys that greedy and retarded? Why can’t you put it up immediately? Go to hell. You just lost a customer, and the customers that you lose will find other ways to watch your episodes, without having to put up with your petty bullshit. Get a clue, people. You don’t control the channels anymore. We do. We decide when we want to watch your content. Either adapt or fail. Idiots.

Communism vs. Fascism vs. Socialism

Extreme right-wingers seem to be bandying about these terms interchangeably these days. I really don’t get it. Why does the media focus on the idiots at the fringe? Why do they get so much airtime? They annoy me just as much as the extreme left-wingers who claim that 9/11 was the work of the Bush government. Then there’s the comparison with Hitler (for both presidents). But that’s another matter. Seriously. Why don’t we hear more about people like this guy?

Anyway, so I keep hearing about how the Obama government is turning America into a Socialist nation… or maybe it’s a Communist nation… no wait… it’s Fascist. Either way it’s apparently undermining the foundations of our republic and turning us into Russia… or maybe it’s China… no wait… maybe it’s Nazi Germany. Oh yes, before I get accused of being a crazy liberal let me say (as a disclaimer) that yes, I do lean a little bit left-of-center, but I don’t agree with everything the left says. I’m also not a fan of big government. That being said, let’s analyze three different political ideologies and see what they actually mean.
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Jones Day are a bunch of litigious bastards

A tiny startup called BlockShopper was bullied by a large law-firm (also known as a bunch of litigious bastards) into amending their hyperlink policy. Yes, you read that right. They were threatened and sued for linking to the law-firm’s website in a manner that apparently didn’t please them. See, the dumbasses didn’t like the fact that BlockShopper linked to them because they believed that their potential customers would somehow “confuse” the links and assume that the information on BlockShopper’s pages was officially related to Jones Day. According to the terms of the settlement, BlockShopper can’t link to Jones Day using, for example, “idiots who don’t know the internet works“. Instead, they have to explicitly use ““. Faced with potentially high legal fees that fall somewhere between “absolutely insane” and “eleventybillion”, and also faced by a judge who seemingly doesn’t understand how the internet works (he must have crawled out from under a rock somewhere), BlockShopper was forced to settle their case and accede to Jones Day’s demands. The Ars Technica article I linked to earlier has the full details. I suspect Jones Day (also known as clueless morons, imbeciles, dumbasses, bullies and all-round idiots) are going to get a crash course on the Streisand Effect.

Being a part of history…

Being part of a historically significant event is not something everyone can claim, and this is why I feel so privileged to be part of one today. This was the very first election I voted in since I got my citizenship last year, and I can’t find words to describe my pride in being a part of the greatest democracy on earth, and also being part of a historically significant moment in this nation’s history. 232 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, this nation gets its first African-American President.

I just heard McCain’s speech where he conceded the election to Obama. I’ve always admired Senator McCain; his (pre-campaign) moderate views have always appealed to me. I was quite touched when I heard his speech, especially on his emphasis on how all of us need to rally together as Americans (in spite of repeated booings from the audience, which he asked them to stop) behind President-elect Obama. His core message was that in spite of all our differing views and opinions, the one thing we have in common is that we are all Americans and as such we all have to work together to take this country through the difficult times it is facing.

This campaign has been a long and hard one, but at the end of it all I think we can all say that this election has been a shining example of the best system of governance in the world – democracy. I’m looking forward to the future with a lot of hope. The next four years are going to be full of change. I hope it is a change for the better and I think we can make it so if we all rally behind the President as Americans, because it’s not the President that makes America a great nation. Americans make America a great nation.

I just heard Obama’s victory speech. I wonder… will children be learning about it in school a hundred years from now? I think they will and they should be, because what I heard was that America has not lost its way. It is still a shining beacon of democracy to the world. This election just proved it.

A lot of stuff

I didn’t update this site for a while because I had a lot of stuff going on. A lot happened towards the end of last year. My house was destroyed, and then it was rebuilt. While that was going on, I also lost my job when Intel decided to “redeploy” my entire group. I was offered an option to look for positions within the company, but I declined. I honestly wasn’t doing as much programming as I would have liked, so I decided to look for jobs outside Intel. I interviewed with Google and didn’t get in despite doing really well (their words) on the phone and in-person interviews. I got a call back from the recruiter who said that “although the interviewers really liked you and thought that you were incredibly smart and knowledgeable, they didn’t feel that your skills are a good match for the position”. I thought it was a standard “Thanks, but no thanks” response and I was a little disheartened. To be honest, my faith in my own skills and knowledge was a little shaken. I talk to my friend Iliyan (he works and google and he’s the one who actually referred me) and he said that they were actually telling the truth. Apparently, at Google they try to match you up pretty well with your job. If they feel that you don’t match up with the position, they don’t offer it. He said that if I had applied to Google and Mountain View, instead of Phoenix, I would have received an offer for sure. He also let them know that they made a mistake in not hiring me. Either way, I wasn’t all that depressed.

I got a few more offers and did a few more interviews before finally accepting a position at Infusion Software. They basically write CRM (Content and Resource Management) Software for small businesses. They are a relatively new company. I have been here for a month and I’ve been loving it since my first day. The first day I walked in, they basically said “Here’s your system. Pick an OS and install it and set up your development environment”. I was like “Awesome!”. Of course, I set up PC-BSD (which is basically a FreeBSD distro). The environment at Infusion Software is very energetic and fast-paced. The demographic is also rather young. During my interview they showed me around and when I got to the developer room, they showed me a projector and said “This is where we play Halo or Guitar Hero 3 when we need to take a break”. ‘Nuff said. I’m glad everything eventually worked out. I was rather stressed after my house got wrecked, and to add to it, I got laid-off. The way my friend Suhrid puts it. “You have the weirdest luck in the world. Really bad stuff happens to you, but then something really cool happens after that to make it better than before… you got to remodel your home for a great price, and you got a better job!”

My parents came down for a month at the beginning of January. My mom’s staying behind to help me set up the house. Of course, because of that I had to tell my girlfriend that she couldn’t come over anymore (this is all true, yes it is). Oh yeah, so I’m renting out my house. My parents had bought a house here that they don’t live in. So I’ve basically moved over there. It’s a bit of a drive to places, but nothing too bad.

Oh yes, I finally got to put my citizenship to use. Yes, I voted in the primaries. I registered as Republican so I could vote for Ron Paul. Let’s just say that I believe in a lot of what he says because I identify myself as Libertarian. I know a lot of people said that he wasn’t going to win, but that wasn’t the point. This country needs to change. It’s constitutionally a multi-party system, but the only parties that matter are the Republicans and Democrats and they haven’t been doing anything for this country. The current administration has done a great job of ignoring that piece of paper this country was founded up. The subtle erosion of Civil Rights alarms me. We need to remember what this country was founded upon. Honest, law-abiding citizens should have no fear of their government. That is why I support Ron Paul. It is besides the point that he didn’t win. We need to challenge the current situation. We need to change the current situation. Of course, the idiotic media ignored Ron Paul and didn’t even talk about him. Despite that, the man was able to garner a large and loyal following through the internet. What that says is that there are people who are willing to listen and who want to listen and who want change. The sad truth is that the people with big pockets, and big media exposure get all the attention, and not the people with the good ideas. I hope that in time his ideas will prevail. I hope in time Americans will realize that this country needs to get back to its roots.

That’s about it. I’m going to try and update this blog a little more frequently, but no promises.

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