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Month: October, 2011

Popularity Contest WordPress plugin breaks RSS feed

I’m using a somewhat old plugin (it hasn’t been updated since ’09) called Popularity Contest to show the popularity of my posts. However, I noticed that it was breaking my RSS feed. This is due to the fact that the plugin doesn’t properly escape the ampersand character inside an image URL. Instead of & it uses just &. You can fix this by changind line number 2272 to:

$str .= '<img src="'.site_url('?ak_action=api_record_view&#38;id='.$post->ID.'&#38;type=feed').'" alt="" />';

A new look

I decided to change the theme on my blog. I went for a wider theme this time because on my older theme the real estate for post content was rather narrow. This made the posts excessively long. This new theme has a lot more room for posts and so it doesn’t look like I’m posting a wall of text… well, mostly… I still tend to write a lot sometimes.

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