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Month: April, 2010

The XBOX is a piece of shit

Thanks Microsoft. I have a console that’s barely over a year old and I already have an open tray error. I bought a new console because my old one died after I sent it back to you TWICE. It also had an open tray error. Thanks a lot Microsoft for MAKING SUCH A SHITTY CONSOLE. I have seen retarded monkeys make better console. Honestly, just what kind of shitty racket are you douchebags running? Are you guys so fucking stupid that you can’t even make a DVD drive that WORKS? Are you seriously THAT DUMB? Not only that, you want me to pay $99 to get it fixed because you retards are too damn stupid to make it right the first time? Fuck you.

vim: removing blank lines

This always seems to get me and I have to figure it out every time. Sometimes I have files with blank lines and I want to get rid of them. Here is how you do it in vim (one of the many ways, actually). First you want to get rid of whitespaces:


Note: I used a blockquote here because WordPress doesn’t like two forward slashes in the sourcecode tag.

Then, you have to do this:

:%!grep -v  "^$"

Of course, this only works in Linux, BSD, or any of the other Unices.

Comments issue fixed

The recaptcha plugin had an update which fixed the comments issue. Comments should no longer be marked as spam. I apologize if you commented here and your comment did not show up! It may have been deleted from the spam queue.

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