Introducing CherryBlossom

by vivin

Over the past month, I’ve been working on a new project. It’s called CherryBlossom, and it’s a way to write programs using haikus. Strictly speaking, CherryBlossom is a brainfuck analog. I actually spent more time writing the obligatory “Hello World” program in CherryBlossom than I did writing the interpreter for the language. The idea behind CherryBlossom is simple. Brainfuck instructions are mapped to words that convey the essence of the Brainfuck instruction. Of course, this is a little subjective and also a little abstract.

Ultimately, it serves as a way to make program code not just functional, but beautiful and artistic. Thus, we introduce a new criteria to programming. Your code must not only be elegant algorithmically, but must also be poetic and artistic (also, since program code consists of haikus, you need to represent your code in sets of 3 lines with the first and last lines having 5 syllables, and the second line 7. That is, conforming to haiku rules). CherryBlossom serves to blend the programmer and the poet into one entity (hopefully with amazing results).

Here is an example of “Hello World!” in CherryBlossom. I have opted to use a spruced up div tag instead of enclosing my beautiful poem in soulless sourcecode tags.

beautiful jasmine
your lovely fragrance heals me
every morning

remembering you,
dreaming of your lovely smile,
when will you come here?

floating butterflies
sunshine and summer flowers
a lovely morning

blossoming hillside
on a fragrant summer day
blooming, flowering.

I can remember
my happy dreams of summer
it was beautiful

flying doves, sunrays
beauty flying in sunshine
rain in the valley.

snow falls in moonlight,
returns to the mountainside.
lovely, beautiful.

view from mountaintop
is a beautiful painting,
in summer sunshine.

the fragrant flowers
and the pretty butterflies
spring by singing creek.

beautiful morning
butterflies by riverside
floating in sunshine.

such a lovely sight,
the valley waterfall is
in the spring sunshine.

sunrays and sunshine,
the butterflies and flowers
loving the new spring.

the pretty flowers
are dreaming of a summer
with the smiling sun.

music from heaven,
is melodious and sweet,
dreamy and happy.

the river is cold
and misty in the moonlight,
in the autumn chill.

winter riverside,
lonely, icy, and chilly
darkening evening

the lonely winter,
barren riverside ahead
a dreaming poet

Trust me, this does print out “Hello World!”! You might think I’m crazy, but I’m not! Either tomorrow or day after, I’ll add a new page to the Projects menu and you’ll see how CherryBlossom works and you will also have access to the interpreter!