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Month: November, 2009

About Me and Projects

I finally got around to adding pages to my blog. I’ve added an “About Me” page and a “Projects” page. The “Projects” page is similar to the one I had on the old site. I’ve migrated one project (Sulekha) over. Will be moving the second one (FXCalendar) over soon and I’m also going to try and add another one to the list.

Trying out ChromeOS from a VMWare image

I was pretty excited when I saw the VMWare image for ChromeOS up for download. I immediately downloaded it to try it out. The zip file I got from gdgt has a vmdk file but no vmx file. I created one from scratch to try ChromeOS out (I’ve made a new zip with the vmdk and the vmx. The link is at the end of this post.). It’s not too bad. The OS boots up really quick. The login screen is pretty spartan (look at the screenshots I have). You login with your Google/Gmail username and password. When you login, it opens up the Chrome browser. I wasn’t able to get anything else running other than the browser. Also, when I first logged in, Chrome complained that the security certificate for Gmail had been revoked. But I was able to login when I typed in the address for Gmail in again. The default tabs seem to be GMail and Google Calendar. I’m assuming that because it’s such an early build, you’re not able to try out the other stuff. Maybe there’s a way; I didn’t play around with it too much. There is a Date and Time settings menu that’s available from the browser, where you can set a few other options, like your proxy, SSL options, home page, and a few other advanced settings.
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The definition of ‘glennbecking’

glennbeck⋅ing /glɛnbɛkɪŋ/ [glenn-beck-ing]
The act of making unsubstantiated, inflammatory, usually derogatory, polarizing, and ridiculous statements about a person, organization, or country and then claiming or suggesting that the statement is true, because the subject [of the statement] hasn’t denied the statement.


  1. Many sources claim that Glenn Beck raped and killed a young girl in 1990*. However, Glenn Beck has done nothing to deny these claims or even clarify the matter. Does this suggest that he is guilty? Perhaps.
  2. Some sources claim that President Obama is very much like Hitler. He has done nothing to deny these claims. Does this suggest that he is like Hitler? Maybe.
  3. Joe: Dude, Sarah is a total slut. Some sources say that she has had sex with over 100 guys. She hasn’t done anything to deny these claims.
    Brett: Dude, Have you even talked to Sarah about this?
    Joe: No.
    Brett: Has she even had an opportunity to address your ridiculous claims?
    Joe: No.
    Brett: Do you think she actually cares what a loser like you thinks, or says?
    Joe: Probably not.
    Brett: Then quit, dude! Stop glennbecking! That’s just a total douchebag thing to do!
    Joe: You’re right. Glennbecking is a completely douchebag thing to do!


Why the hell don’t content providers get it?

I just tried to watch South Park legally at South Park Studios. I wanted to watch Episode 8 (Dead Celebrities) of Season 13. I was then informed that “Due to contractual obligations, we won’t be able to air this episode until November 7th, 2009”. This episode originally aired a month ago. Seriously… what the hell don’t you get you dumbass idiots? I don’t want to watch your show when you want me to. I want to watch your show when I want to. Furthermore, I don’t want to watch it on cable or satellite where I have to put up with 3-5 minutes of cheesy and obnoxious commercials during every commercial break. However, I will gladly watch it legally with 10-15 second commercials online, so I’m glad that you do provide me that option. But what the hell is the deal with making the episode available to watch online one month after it has aired? Are you guys that greedy and retarded? Why can’t you put it up immediately? Go to hell. You just lost a customer, and the customers that you lose will find other ways to watch your episodes, without having to put up with your petty bullshit. Get a clue, people. You don’t control the channels anymore. We do. We decide when we want to watch your content. Either adapt or fail. Idiots.

Displaying images side-by-side in WordPress

I’ve been using WordPress for about two months now and I really like it. It takes away a lot of the pain from blogging. Recently I was writing a blog post and I was trying to get two images displayed side-by-side. This proved to be more difficult than I thought. There’s no immediately obvious way in WordPress to display images side-by-side. I tried to use tables, but that didn’t work out. I also tried to use the gallery, but that displays all the images, and I just wanted to display two. I was able to get it working finally.
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