Ancient Code

by vivin

But check it out though… this game is suitable for ALL AGES! I mean, come on! Isn’t that just cool? Oooh and it even has these nifty commands that can install your game for you. Oh no! What’s that warning? It says I mustn’t delete any of the files, or the game won’t work! Fair enough. Although I misspelt “missing”. And that last comment… I don’t know about you, but slow graphics always piss me off. Ok, moving along now… I hope there is a story behind the Mathvader invasion:


The year is 2065. Our planet, Earth, has been invaded by an alien force who call themselves the MATHVADERS.
The UEF(United Earth Force) has made repeated ttempts to drive the invaders away. But each attempt has failed.
So they turn to the Special Survival Team. Consisting of personnel who can accomplish the im-possible. Their best
weapon is you. You are taken to the UEF headquarters and briefed on your mission. Donot fail this mission.
The future of Earth is in your hands….


The game consists of five levels each one tougher than the one before. Each MATHVADER ship will give you a sum to solve.
You will gain points if you so- lve it amd negative points if you donot. If your points drop below -4 then you are finished.
Solve the sums using DMAS rule.(There is no need to solve sum according to brackets.) Remember that exponentiation comes first.
It is denoted by [^] sign. You cannot exit during to game so decide in the beginning.

Enemy ship type & allocation of Scores

<2+3>-Problems consisting of 2 nos. Score=1. Neg. Score=-1. Micro Ship.

<3-5*2>-Problems consisting of 3 to 5 nos. Score=2. Neg. Score=-2 Mini Ship.

[{<2/1^4*2-1+4>}]-Problems consisitng of 6 or more nos. Score=5. Neg. Score=-5. Mother Ship.

YOUR SHIP: |-=-|__<^>__|-=-|

Oooh! There is! As you can see, I was really into science-fiction and alien invasions and I used to believe in UFO’s and alien abductions before I became skeptical, cynical and bitter. But that’s another story. Man… Mathvaders huh? An entire race devoted to wiping out mathematically inferior species across the galaxy! What a gripping story though! The United Earth Force is turning to the Special Survival Team to save our beloved planet Earth! Wow! Those Special Survival Team guys must be awesome! I bet they get all the chicks! And check out the ships these SST dudes have! I don’t know if that’s a sideways view or what. I have no idea where the pilot would sit.