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I rox0r

I have some music files on my server that are accessible through http (only by me). So instead of keeping them on my laptop, I decided to add the URL’s to Winamp. But that was too painful. So I took the html files and stripped out the tags (using sed) so that I have the URL’s to the actual files (I use relative paths, but Windows adds the full path to the href attribute in the anchor tag). I wrote that out to a file and then used Vim to create an M3U out of just one regex sub :). Check it out:


I just think that is so schweet!

Mailserver woes

As expected, something went wrong. I had a vague sense of intuition that it would be my mailserver… and it was. I reinstalled postfix and everything is working. I was reinstalling courier-imap when it complained about I hate that file SO MUCH. It always shows up. Stupid shared lib. It comes from gettext, and so I tried reinstalling gettext and got the dumbest error message in the world ever:

-r: not found

Now what the hell does that mean? Absolutely NOTHING. Anyway, so I abandoned that because as I discovered, the old version of courier-imap was working perfectly.

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