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Month: September, 2004

Lost Badge

Talk about a crazy way to lose my Intel badge. I was walking into the elevator when it fell down and into the crack between the external elevator doors and the elevator car. What are the odds?

I need a Soulmate

I need a soulmate. I think the closest one right now is my buddy Nasser, who pretty much has the same train of thought as mine. It’s uncanny at times.

But seriously… I was talking to Vibha yesterday and I said “Do you think you would be interested in finding out about the etymological differences between certain words and consonants in Malayalam and Tamil?”. I wasn’t surprised when she said “Umm… No.”.

Yeah, pretty nerdy right? Yes, it is and I need someone to understand me on that level! Is there anyone? I mean I really find stuff like that interesting… and other stuff too… I have no hope.


Well anyway, so yesterday I finished watching the last episode of DS9. As I said before, I never got into it while it was showing – mostly because it never showed in Oman. But I downloaded all the episodes and I have been watching them since Spring. All I can say is, what a GREAT show. I think DS9 and TNG are my favourite Trek Franchises. DS9 started off slow, but it had an amazingly satisfying ending. The story arc was absolutely great, and don’t even get me started on the characters. They are so dynamic and so well presented. It was a darker, more ominous Star Trek, and it addressed a lot of issues that TNG didn’t. I am really going to miss watching DS9 episodes… *sigh*…


Today even, I went to this Sevillana dance workshop with Rachna. Sevillana is a form of dance in Spain and is known as the “mother dance” of all Spanish dances. It was complicated initially because I was not used to moving my body in such a different manner. But it was really cool, and it looks really awesome. Rachna and I are going again next Thursday. I want to keep at this thing…!

Intel and Artificial Life

This is my fourth day at Intel. I think I will enjoy working here. I haven’t done much yet though, and I still don’t know exactly what it is I am supposed to be doing. I tested some 140 chips yesterday, but that wasn’t too much work. My supervisor is out until Tuesday, so until then I am doing some odd jobs and reading up some documentation about the platforms and tools we use. I am excited to be working here. It looks like it’s going to be hard work, but I think it will also be fun.

Now about the Artificial Life. I have written up some specs on an Artificial Life program. This is different from earlier ones. I am implementing the “creatures” like assembly programs. This code is their “DNA”. It describes how they behave. A “God Program” executes one instruction of each “creature” and moves on to the next. Sort of like a pre-emptive multitasking operating system. The creatures all live in a two-dimensional area of memory. They can reproduce, and there is chance of error during reproduction.

I think I was going about it the wrong way earlier. I was trying to describe behaviour through variables and through discrete quantities. Now, I represent each creature as a bit-pattern – exactly like an assembly program. I have instructions for moving, eating, moving and attacking, reproducing, and sleeping. In addition, I have some very basic branches and loops. So based on the bit pattern, the creature has a certain behaviour. Also, changes in the bit-pattern can cause changes in behaviour. They can be subtle, or drastic. At least, that is what I believe. I need to actually implement my idea before I can find out! My God program is essentially an operating system, and the “creatures” are tasks. There’s a little more to all of this, but I can’t write it all here. If and when I finish the program, I will make a separate page for it and describe it in detail.

I am thinking of calling this program “Eden”. Anyway, that’s all for now!

Marriage is like a Cake

SuperXam: a lot of my friends are getting married
SuperXam: and it’s kinda weird
nassmo17: oh i know…not to mention pooja popping a kid out
SuperXam: oh yeah that’s just the icing on the cake
SuperXam: that is if marriage and having kids was a cake… you know… with icing
nassmo17: oh definitely…I’ve always thought of that as cake
SuperXam: i think it can be a good cake

That makes so much sense.

Absurd amount of traffic

Yesterday, I had trouble accessing my own site from my WinXP machine. It was really slow. It didn’t make too much sense. So I ssh’d to my FreeBSD machine and ran netstat on it. I saw a LARGE number of connections to port 80 (http). I don’t know who all these people were, or why they were accessing my website – I mean there’s not that much to see on my website… That too, enough connections to actually make it slow to access from my Win XP machine, which is on the same network! Weird…


It is my birthday. I am 23! Yay!

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