I am thinking about it

Ok, so I’ve been thinking about it, and I think I will start on it soon… coding binge, HERE I COME! I am going to redesign the site completely. I need to stop thinking of it as an app… it is NOT. It is a content displaying thingie tool whatever. So it doesn’t need all that much functionality. Secondly, what the hell was I smoking when I put all the IE specific stuff in here?! Sure, it’s cool looking, but you can’t see it in Mozilla… I knew this was going to bite me in the ass… I fl4m3d Mozilla some time ago. But that wasn’t my fault. There was this guy where I used to work who used to piss the hell out of me and he used Mozilla… so it was sort of a “guilty by association” thing. I have some good ideas. This new website design is going to be cool.

Gosh I hated that guy… i w1ll h4x0r j00!!! yu0 4r3 t3h d00m3ed!!11!eleven!!!