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Month: March, 2004

Look Ma! I’m on TV!

They did a video interview of the interns at Motorola today. They asked me some questions about the internship. It is a promotional video for the Embedded Systems Consortium. They want to show others how much the interns are learning.

Free Beer

You know, I just remembered. When I was in Boston at that Improv place, we went to get beer. We could get 4 beers for like 16 bucks. The bartender wanted to see ID, so I just pulled out one of my ID’s which happened to be one Military one. He looked at it and said “it’s on the house”. Laura asked “Why?” and he said “Military… it’s on the house. Thanks for what you’re doing!”. I was surprised. We gave him a good tip. I felt slightly undeserving because some of my friends are out there in Iraq while I’m here in the US.

Chez Michael et Laura

As some of you may already know, I spent Spring Break at Michael’s and Laura’s in Northampton, MA. Before any of you point it out, yes, I notice the inconsistency. Where was I? Was it Boston, Springfield or Northampton?! It was all three. I spent time in all three places. Laura and Michael however, live in Northampton. The town is 350 years old.

I left Phoenix at 12:15 pm on Wednesday. It was a four and a half hour flight to Baltimore. A nice Sardarjee man bought me beer, AND gave me his free drink coupons. He was on his way to New Delhi and didn’t need those coupons any more. Awesome – I got FREE BEER!

I only had a one hour lay-over in Baltimore. That is, if you assume that one is equal to three. I didn’t leave till 9, eastern time. Our flight was delayed for some reason. It wasn’t too bad because I had a book to keep me company. The flight to Hartford wasn’t very long. It was around an hour.

As we were touching down, I saw strange white things falling from the sky. Furthermore, the ground was covered in this white stuff! What was this strange whiteness?! Ahhh! This must the “snow” they are always talking about. Strange stuff. Being a desert boy, I had only experienced snow twice before.

There was a nice lady sitting next to me. She was in her 40’s or 50’s. She asked me where I was from. “Phoenix”, I replied. “And this is the first time I have actually seen it snowing!”, I added.

“Oh how exciting!” she said. Then she asked concernedly “Did you bring warm clothes? And I hope you are not driving!”. “Yes, I have warm clothes and my friend is picking me up!”, I smiled and replied. “That’s good!”, she said and smiled.

I always elicit some sort of maternal response from women in that age group. I guess I probably remind them of their sons.

It was about 10:30pm when I touched down. Laura and Michael were waiting for me. I was really happy to see them. Michael, as usual, said a lot by saying very little. Laura gave me a big hug. As soon as I stepped outside I noticed the extreme cold. It was about 20 something degrees. It was snowing lightly. My breath came out in steamy puffs. I was exhilarated! We drove home and I saw snow EVERYWHERE. Snow is such a novelty to me. I was very excited. We reached Northampton and Michael gave me a quick tour of the town. Like I mentioned before, it was established in 1654. Michael had to turn in early as he had to go to work tomorrow. Laura gave me the grand tour and we sat up talking. We had Mac and Cheese and watched some TV.
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Leaving Springfield, MA

Tomorrow, I leave Laura and Michael. My snowy spring break has come to an end. It was awesome. I will write more about it later. Back to school… stupid school…

Leaving for Boston

Tomorrow I leave for Boston to see Michael and Laura! Woohoo! I have never been to the east coast. It will be positively Schweet. I can’t wait!

Yesterday, I met a girl who told me she had danced with me three years ago. I must have left an impression.

How to get AimExpress working on Mozilla, running on a Linux Box

So, I was at work and I was using AimExpress on the Windows side. I have Exceed running and I was working on some scripts on the AIX box. I didn’t want to switch back and forth, so I tried running AimExpress on Mozilla. This is Mozilla 1.6, and the website says that it supports Mozilla 1.4 and up. So I try to run it, and of course, it doesn’t work! It says the browser is unsupported! I look all over for documentation on this, but can’t find any. I guess no one has tried to do this.

This bothered me a lot, so I tried getting past it. I closed AimExpress on the Windows side and restarted it. When the login screen came up, I looked at the properties and found the URL for it. I used that in Mozilla and the login screen came up! Schweet! I logged in, but then I got the unsupported browser error… I wasn’t sure what to do… I knew that AimExpress ran on IE as some sort of DHTML application… If I was just able to get the address of the page, I was pretty sure I could run it on Mozilla by accessing that page directly. But they had disabled the context menu on the app, so there was no way I could find anything. There wasn’t even a menu bar. So I looked to see if there were any shortcut keys to View Source or Properties, or anything like that. I saw F11 for Full Screen. So just for the hell of it, I tried it out. And Voila! There was an address bar on the top, and I could see the address!

I took the address and put it in Mozilla. I accessed the page and I got the sign-on thing again. I signed in and I got the stupid “Unsupported Browser” page again. Then I figured they are definitely using cookies (or sessions), so I accessed the AIM DHTML App page again and BINGO! I was logged in! 🙂 Hehehe… I was so proud of myself!

Anyway, so here are the steps:

1. Fire up Mozilla and enter in the address bar.
2. Log in. It will come up with an error page. Don’t worry. Enter in the address bar again.
3. AimExpress should be up and running! Enjoy!

I am thinking about it

Ok, so I’ve been thinking about it, and I think I will start on it soon… coding binge, HERE I COME! I am going to redesign the site completely. I need to stop thinking of it as an app… it is NOT. It is a content displaying thingie tool whatever. So it doesn’t need all that much functionality. Secondly, what the hell was I smoking when I put all the IE specific stuff in here?! Sure, it’s cool looking, but you can’t see it in Mozilla… I knew this was going to bite me in the ass… I fl4m3d Mozilla some time ago. But that wasn’t my fault. There was this guy where I used to work who used to piss the hell out of me and he used Mozilla… so it was sort of a “guilty by association” thing. I have some good ideas. This new website design is going to be cool.

Gosh I hated that guy… i w1ll h4x0r j00!!! yu0 4r3 t3h d00m3ed!!11!eleven!!!

It is a great conspiracy

So what am I? I’m this poor student with not much money. I have a beat-up Mazda that decides to have a water leak all of a sudden. So here I am, with a car that’s overheating. Yesterday I decide to go to Sun Devil Auto at 8 in the morning. But of course, I don’t get there till FREAKING TEN O’ CLOCK because my car overheats every few miles. And I’m not talking about the time your car “overheated”. This is like the grand-freaking-daddy of all overheating man, this was THE BOSS. My dial was all the way on the other side of temperature guage. A couple more degrees and my engine would have melted. Serious stuff.

Ok, so a little exaggeration. It sucked eitherway. Anyway, so I give them the car and then they DON’T CALL BACK? I call this morning and the guy was like “I didn’t look at it till 5:30pm”… well DUH! Is it that hard to give me a call to tell me that you weren’t able to look at it?

Then anyway he goes on about all these things that’s wrong with my car “Yeah, there is this tiny ding on the hood, but it is a sign of a greater problem! One day it could become a BIGGER DING! We can fix it for $18,171.29!”. So I gave him the whole spiel about being a poor student. He wanted me to replace every freaking thing in the car. “Oooh! There’s is this splash of oil on your engine block! Better replace the whole engine!”. I just told him to replace the Water Pump and the Timing Belt. Apparently the makers of this car decided that they should put the Water Pump in some terribly inaccessible place. Then he says “Oh yeah, we will flush your radiator for $45 also.” WTF??!! FORTY FIVE DOLLARS?! Do you know what is INOVLED in flushing a radiator? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! You let the fluid drain out, then fill it with water and let the engine run, drain that out, do it a couple more times and then finally fill it up with coolant and water. FORTY FREAKING FIVE DOLLARS? I said “Don’t worry I can do it myself”. I could sense the disappointment in his voice. He wasn’t going to get the money that I am using to get myself food and shelter. Anyway, so the net cost is still something RIDICULOUS… but it’s not as bad as it could have been.

Well, soon enough I’ll have a job that’ll be paying more. I can get a better car then. It is a freaking conspiracy. I am taking another job in the Army – a Light Armored Vehicle Mechanic. Then I will know how to fix my own car. HAHA!

What do you want?

So if this genie comes up and gives me one wish for what I really want. What would I say? Do I really know? Do we all know what we want? And I mean, what we really want?

If I had three wishes, one of the wishes would be that I could have a computer that upgrades itself everytime something new comes up. Oh yeah, I also want a holodeck like they have in Star Trek. And a car that can fly – like my own little shuttlepod which is, of course, approved by the FAA. Is that three wishes? Damn…

One wish? No clue. What do I really want?

Weather Phenomenon

It hailed today. I was in class, so I wasn’t able to see it. But I did see the aftermath. Ice everywhere! It kinda looked like snow. Yup… ice in the sonoran desert. Pretty awesome. I made a little ice man outside Hayden Library. I wish I had a camera so I could take a picture – of the ice man and the ice all around here… This is my first ever hail experience. Pretty awesome.

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