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Month: February, 2004

Pretentious Haikus

>em>I wish I
could say it easily but
I cannot


The very last Spring
in familiar settings
makes me very sad


The hardest thing is
to have it so close to me
but not with me


I really should learn from past mistakes…

Oh well, maybe things will eventually fall into place.


I am a silly FOOL.


I am dropping my Competition Exhibition dance class. Unfortunate turn of events. Sad, because I really wanted to do Comp. Ex. I am not sure if I should write it all here… bleah… I will – so what? A man is entitled to his opinion.

I changed my mind. A man his entitled to his opinion, but this time I’ll keep that opinion to myself.

Suffices to say, it was NECESSARY to drop that class. If I had stayed in it, I would have gone positively insane. I wouldn’t have been able to deal with all that stress.

Maybe Vegas. I could dance there. There’s a dance competition there every year. Latin dancing… mmm… I love latin dancing.

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