Right Brain vs. Left Brain

Right Brain: Just go for it! Use your intuition!
Left Brain: Are you stupid? Don’t listen to him! You don’t have enough facts to go on! You don’t want to seem like an idiot!
Right Brain: Facts-Shmacts! Whatever! Do you want to lose an opportunity? It’s all right there in front of you! Can’t you feel it? Seriously… just go for it.
Left Brain: This is SUICIDE. You can’t go for it when you know you don’t have enough facts! You are most certainly reading this all wrong!
Right Brain: Suuuuure! “Enough Facts”? What happened the last time you thought you didn’t have “Enough Facts”?
Left Brain: No one’s talking to you, you flaky moron!
Right Brain: Shut up, you inflexible idiot!
Left Brain: You SHUT UP!
Right Brain: No, YOU SHUT UP!