So many toys!

by vivin

Woohoo! I love the Friday after Thanksgiving. I got my self two 256Mb RAMBUSes and also a 160Gb HD. All for a schweet, schweet price! Now my machine is running with 768Mb of RAM. I am so tempted to go up to 1Gb! I am going to put the 160Gb in my WinXP machine. And keep the 75Gb in there too. I still have a 512Mb SIMM lying around and also two 64Mb RAMBUSes. Maybe I should put the RAMBUSes in the FreeBSD machine and the 512Mb into the new server that I want. SCHWEETNESS!

Ugh. Back to school. I wish I was still in Cali. I built 3 computers in two days. Can’t wait for the semester to be done!