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New Phone

Aha! I have a new phone! And I got it for $20!! T-Mobile exchanged that old crappy phone I had for a new one. This has a colour screen and has multi-tone ringing!

My midterm went ok I think…

Oracle is being a biznatch.

Piano Stealers

They took away the other piano that was in the MU. Now they might put some stupid store in it’s place. Why? WHY?!

What am I

Am I Hopelessly Romantic or Romantically Hopeless?


Everyone seems to have one these days. I have had one from 1999. Ha! Well, sort of. I don’t fill it daily and sometimes I don’t write things at all. But still… Now I’m going to write things everyday. I think. What shall I write now? Seeing as I only wrote a couple of minutes ago… ah yes… now the website opens directly onto my journal so the world can see my thoughts… and of course, how crazy I am – I mean, that goes without saying.

My chocolate has too many chips.

Networks of the Electrical Kind

What do I do at such an ungodly hour? Why… Electrical Networks! A midterm tomorrow and I should be studying. Almost done. I am not sleepy.

Love is not blind. It just occasionally needs glasses

I thought of that and don’t you forget it or the curse of a thousand blue sunflowers shall be upon you!

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