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Month: July, 2003


This is completely irrelevant. I was at work today and I wanted some soda. So I go to the Pepsi machine and try to put a dollar into the machine. It’s not working. I decided to press the buttons anyway… To go off on a tangent here, why is it that anytime something stops working, we try and press every button on it to see if it turns on in some magical way? Well, anyway. I pressed the Pepsi button and out pops a Pepsi. Sweet! I got a Pepsi for free! Woohoo!

Pictures are up

I’ve put up pictures from the USSA Formal 2003 (The ones I lost when the server crashed) and pictures from Shareen’s graduation party…

Finally Back

So I’m finally back online. I’ve moved into my new apartment and everything is set up nice and pretty. Woohoo! It took me for ever to get my DSL because the people at Qwest decided that they just didn’t feel like setting up my DSL. The trouble I went through… jeez… Well, anyway. It’s up and running now. My job at Motorola is great. I’m having so much fun.

What’s gonna be on this website? No idea… hmm… What I’m planning anyway is to get an old P3 and run the webserver on that. I want to use my current server as a desktop… Should be fun…

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