Lab 7

by vivin

Lab 7 is interesting. The M6800 processor does not have a divide instruction. No Divide Instruction. Crazy, I tell you… When I was doing 225, I thought the M6811 was limited. I was wrong. Please give me the 6811! But I’ll tell you what… I’m glad I’m not working on the M6805… I heard that one is a stripped down version of the M6800… that’s too painful to imagine… but I’ll tell you what processor rocks… the M6809… You get a U register… and you can index off any register… you can even use indirect addressing! Now that’s a kick-ass processor. Oh yeah… and CSE 225 is no longer what it used to be… at least that’s what I hear. Apparently they work on the M68000, which has 16 (or 8 or some ridiculous number like that) 32-bit registers… and you can index of any. Now that is just obscene… completely decadent. What are they going to do when they come to 421? All we have here is one 16-bit register and two 8-bit registers. I could write all my 421 labs using just one 32-bit register. Come on… is that what you call assembly programming? Yeah right!

Ok, so I got a little carried away. But that’s what happens when you code in assembly… it’s cool like that…