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Kazaa is retarded

I decided to try out Kazaa. It’s so lame. It’s got a ton of spyware on it, and when I remove it, it says “You have uninstalled a part of Kazaa that is required to run the Media Desktop”. What a load of bull. Dumbasses.

A home for a kitty

We had a kitten for about 4 days. It was half grown and just about the friendliest and most docile cat I’ve ever seen. My roommate and I would have kept it, except I’m extremely allergic to cats – I sneeze, my skin gets ichy and my eyes start itching and watering. It’s not fun at all. But anyway, we had it for about four days and we let it run around our house. It was an awesome cat. We thought it was a lost cat because I’ve never seen a stray this friendly. Anyway, today (actually yesterday) we took it to Arizona Humane Society so that someone could adopt it. I hope he lands up in a good family. That’s a nice cat… *sniff* I miss it already!

Photo Album still WIP

I know the Photo Album pops up with a list of all albums, but it is still work in progress. You might (and most probably will) notice this page crashing. Sometimes this window might open up with the borders screwed up and none of the links showing. That’s because I broke the back-end or I’m working on it. Sometimes the links won’t work. That’s because I broke the Javascript files or I’m working on them. This entire website is WIP so you’ll probably notice a lot of that. I have to sleep now. Need to shorten my assembly code again.

My very own UNIX box

Happy Happy Joy Joy! I’ve only got the actual network and server configuration left. But almost everything else is done! FreeBSD is running with the KDE desktop and it looks SO TOTALLY KICK-ASS! Man, this is the BEST!

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