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Update Photo Tool Finished

I’ve finished the Update Photo Tool… Finally! There was so much error checking… Anyway, I’m going to start work on the actual Photo page… Expect to see stuff on it soon.

Move Photo Tool?

I just realized that I might need to create a “Move Photo Tool”. But it’s not that important. I’m almost done with the “Update Photo” tool. The front-end is done, so I just need to finish up the PHP back-end. I’m anxious to get the Photo Album up and running… so I’ll just add the rest of the tools later.

Piano gone. I am sad.

I should have mentioned this when I first got here, because that’s when I noticed it. They converted the Art Gallery in the MU into an Einstein Bros. How ridiculous is that? There used to be a Piano in there that I liked to play – although it was slightly out of tune. I don’t know where they put it. This really sucks… as if there is a dearth of stores in the MU. Make Way! Capitalism coming through!

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