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Month: October, 2002

Garba 2001. 421!!!!

Pictures from Garba 2001 are up. Also, 421 is so much WORK. I still have to make my program more efficient… although my “efficient” version is ridiculously obese compared to my professor’s…

Lab 7

Lab 7 is interesting. The M6800 processor does not have a divide instruction. No Divide Instruction. Crazy, I tell you… When I was doing 225, I thought the M6811 was limited. I was wrong. Please give me the 6811! But I’ll tell you what… I’m glad I’m not working on the M6805… I heard that one is a stripped down version of the M6800… that’s too painful to imagine… but I’ll tell you what processor rocks… the M6809… You get a U register… and you can index off any register… you can even use indirect addressing! Now that’s a kick-ass processor. Oh yeah… and CSE 225 is no longer what it used to be… at least that’s what I hear. Apparently they work on the M68000, which has 16 (or 8 or some ridiculous number like that) 32-bit registers… and you can index of any. Now that is just obscene… completely decadent. What are they going to do when they come to 421? All we have here is one 16-bit register and two 8-bit registers. I could write all my 421 labs using just one 32-bit register. Come on… is that what you call assembly programming? Yeah right!

Ok, so I got a little carried away. But that’s what happens when you code in assembly… it’s cool like that…

State Fair and Garba Pictures

Garba pictures are up

Went to the Arizona State Fair today. It was great! Saw Gin Blossoms and went on a whole lotta crazy rides. I was sick after the first two… but got better… then did some more crazy rides. Spiral fries are awesome.

Three albums uploaded

I’ve finished uploading three albums. More to come…

Photo Album Complete

After 3 years of empty promises, my pictures are finally on the website. You can track all of my promises through these journal entries… but anyway, it’s all done now! Ahhh… It feels good. The thumbnails will take a little time to load… that’s because it’s generating the file on the server – dynamically. I’m proud of this entire tool 🙂 The next thing I’m going to work on – Creating and Updating User information. Then what… Hmm… Links and Projects maybe… Update my bio and resume… oh yeah, make a debugging console… oh and even a reminder and a calendar tool… That should be fun…

User authentication complete

The website authenticates users now. If you try to log into any restricted areas, you are presented with an intimidating, yet helpful message which informs you that you have insufficient privileges. Now I actually need to add stuff to the User Tools page… I probably should make an Add New Users tool… certainly beats manually entering it into the dbase…

User Page

I’m creating a User Page where users will be able to log in. I’ll be adding other features to the page later on, but for now it will only log you into the site.

Photo Album access rights

Exclusive Albums will no longer appear in the Album List. That makes the “Exclusive” column redundant. I’m too lazy the change it though.

Photo Album up and running

The Photo Album is complete. I’d say 95%… I’m still implementing access rights and privileges. Essentially people won’t be able to see all the pictures I have. I’m keeping certain pictures private or viewable only by certain people.

Anyway, go ahead and take a look.

Waste of time

I wasted about an hour trying to track down a problem in my encryption algorithm. I still can’t find it! Right now I’m using a crude hack to fix the problem. It fixes it… and works about 99% of the time. I have another idea though… hmm… Anyway, Photo Album should be up and running by the end of today…

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