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Month: September, 2002

Your own code. Use IE.

I probably should document my code. It’s not cool coming back to it after three months and wondering what the hell you were smoking when you wrote it.

I managed to figure out (vaguely) how I got fly working. I know I did something weird to the makefiles. I think I had to link it explicitly or something. Anyway, I can add Photos properly now. All I need to do is finish the “Delete Photos” and “Update Photos” option. Then I can put up the photo album for real. I need to make a non IE5.5+ version too… so that other people can use the photo album at least. I wish everyone would use IE. Seriously. Alright, alright… now you’re probably thinking “What? You can’t say that! That’s an affront to nerds everywhere!”… Microsoft is Evil, but it sure as hell makes my coding a whole lot easier if everyone just stuck to IE. Then there’s .001% Mozilla crowd going. Oh Mozilla is SOOOOOO much better than IE and Microsoft is Evil and you’re a traitor! Yeah whatever. Makes my job SOOOOOO much easier. Stick to IE and while you’re at it, PLEASE upgrade to the latest version – i.e 6.0 (eh? eh? get the pun?) If you’re still using IE4.0, that was sooo 4 years ago! UPGRADE!

Cali is Fun

Spending my weekend in California with my family. My parents are here. It’s a whole lot of fun and I don’t want to leave. I wish I could stay here longer. This relaxation has been good. I was pretty stressed out for the last week. I was catching up with 2 weeks of CSE 421. I did it in two days. It was insane. I was supposed to turn in two Homeworks on Wednesday and one Homework and one Lab on Friday. But I had forgotten that I had reserved a flight to LAX on Thursday. So I had to get everything done by then. Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep. But I got it all done. This semester is going to be a trip…

September 11

Please observe a minute of silence for those who lost their lives at the World Trade Center due to the cowardly acts of terrorists.

It has been a year, but America will never forget. Justice will be duly served. I would like to also take this moment to show my support for my fellow soldiers fighting for us in Afghanistan. Support your troops.


I’m finally online from my own computer at home. Took some doing, but got it networked. Learnt the hard way that PPPoE and ICS don’t mix on Win98. I’ve got my WInXP as host and Michael’s Win98 as Client. ICS setup on WinXP is painless. Works real well… have to go now and read about Lorentz Transformations.

Yesterday was my Birthday

I turned 21 yesterday. Woohoo. I had 4 big shots of some nasty tasting stuff… no 3 nasty tasting things and 1 somewhat nice tasting thing. Then I had a Mud Slide and a extremely strong Long Island Iced Tea. School is ok. Still feels weird. I have a ton to catch up on. Will start working on my website again…

I am back

I’m back home. It feels great. I left Virginia at 4:00pm for Pittsburgh. I got there at 5:15pm. Interestingly, my next flight (PIT – PHX) left Pittsburgh at 5:15pm. When I got to the gate, I found out that it had been delayed. It wouldn’t leave till 7:10pm. So I just sat there and listened to music and finished up a book I had been reading. When it was 7:00pm, I looked at the time again and this time it said 7:30pm. This was starting to piss me off now. But there was nothing I could really do. So I sat there and listened to some more music. Finally we left. The flight was four hours and fifteen minutes long. I slept during most of the time. The inflight movie was something retarded called the “Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood”. So I slept. I was tired and time passed quickly. Reached Phoenix at 9pm MST. This was an interesting situation because I was 20 in Arizona, but I would be 21 in Virginia. So I wouldn’t be able to drink in Phoenix, but I would be able to drink in Virginia… Just seemed kind of cool… Anyway, my roommate Michael was there to pick me up. We took all 3 of my extremely poorly packed and heavy bags back home. Oh yeah, I had to pay $80 to check in an extra bag – how lame is that? Pretty lame… I think. I’m glad to be home. It feels weird being back here… but its a “good” weird. Reporting in to my unit today and I’m talking to some of my professors – expecially the ones who said they wouldn’t go over what I missed… I’m in my Class A’s and it feels weird walking around school like this. It feels weird not seeing so many BDU’s around… But I’m glad to be home…

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