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Month: September, 2002

I have work to do!

Work on this page might slow down for a while. I have a small web designing job coming up. Well, it’s not really a job per se. I go to this forum a lot, and they would like a new design on the front page… So that’s what I’m doing. It should be fun!

The world is a horrible place

I have so much work and I’m so stressed. Therefore, the world is currently the object of my hate. Physics exam on Thursday. The Photo-electric effect is a breeze. However, my Physics professor refuses to go over anything I missed, when I was busy busting my ass so he can feel safe. Consequently, I don’t understand what Lorentz Transformations are about. The book doesn’t do a good job. I would learn more from Icelandic Runes. Then I have a CSE430 project where I only have to simulate statewide cellphone network. What a breeze huh? Life sure sucks right about now. I’m waiting for something to redeem that.

421 permeates the core of my being

Ah 421! I love this class. It’s so hard. It’s a lot of work, yet I love it. I love programming in Assembly. This is where you’re but one level from the processor… manipulating its guts. Telling it what to do. There are no nice if-else statements here. No print statements. It’s at a way more primitive level than that.

When you think about it, all you are maniuplating are a bunch of 1’s and 0’s. But there is an underlying logic in those numbers – that is what you need to exploit. There is no distinction between data and program code. One is the other. They are all the same. You make order out of chaos. Assembly programming is an intricate puzzle. It tests your ingenuity. Sometimes when you have an epiphany it is as if the heavens opened and the angels sang…

Ecological Simulators and Photo Albums

I finished the “Delete Photos” page on the Photo Album Tools page… which of course, none of you can see, since it’s in the admin section. But anyway… It took me this long, because I had other stuff to take care of… namely CSE 421. I only have the “Update Photos” tool to finish… after that, I should start working on the actual photo album display page. In other news, I’m working on a JavaScript version of my Perl Ecological simulator (the one that ran wild on ASU’s general server… ohhh I’m so proud of myself). Except in this case, it’s objects that are killing each other… it should give me a lot more flexibility. My creatures even have randomly generated names like “zexoyiwub” and “xorigewor”. It’s going to be fun… once/if I finish it.


It’s like 2:30am in the morning and I don’t feel sleepy. What the hell? I have four questions left in my Physics 361 Homework. I’ve been breezing through them real easy so far. I might demo Lab 3 tomorrow. I was $1D over my professor’s size… I cut it down to $E over… which is still 14 freakin’ bytes… must cut it down further…

Michael’s last day

Yesterday was Michael’s last day at Red Lobster. We had a small get-together at home. It was fun. We were up till 6am. Yeah… crazy. Most of the conversation during the evening-late night-early morning was conducted in Spanish. A language in which, I am not very proficient. But interestingly I did catch the drift… has a new user

My name is Marc. I am’s first registered user.

(This is actually Vivin).

My parents left

My parents left this morning. I’m quite sad. After two and a half years, I saw them for a grand total of 5 days. Hardly enough. I am planning to go to Oman this December. I hope that happens. Back to CSE 421…


I got a letter yesterday from one of my buddies who trained with me in Fort Lee. It was a pleasant surprise. In some ways I wish I was back in Fort Lee… I know I was always saying I couldn’t wait to get back home… but I wouldn’t mind another week in Fort Lee… life there was so much simpler. I miss hanging out with all my Army buddies. Life is simple in the Army.

Cellphone and problems with this world

I have a cellphone now. It’s cool. I like it. I finally got one after all these years. It’s very useful. That’s the good news. In other news, I’m in an all-round pissed-off mood. I hate the world. The world pisses me off big time. Why? Just because. I have too much stress to deal with. Nothing is going my way. Don’t ask me how I’m surviving. I am somehow. Nothing has gone right ever since I started this semester. I got the opposite of everything I wanted. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. Murphy was having a ball. I wish something pleasant would happen.

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