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Gets Even Better

It runs Applets!!! I can use the SSH Applet!! WOOHOOOOOO!!!


I RULE! HELL YEAH! Check it out! I’m at my personal webpage from the computer at my day room! Haha… They have a link to Hotmail, and from there I went to MSN, used web search, went to Google and then entered the URL for my website and BOOM! I RULE! This is KICK-ASS! I can use this whenever I want now!! Woohoooo!! More tomorrow… THE WEEKEND RULES!!!

It’s the weekend WOOHOO!

Alright! It’s Saturday again! Man! What a week! I have had a total ok 8 hours of sleep this ENTIRE WEEK! That’s because we have been practicing for the Drill and Ceremony competition. We’ve been up till 1 am doing it. Wake up is at 4 am… BUT I have to press my uniform and shine my boots and that gives me a grand total of (drum roll please) ONE HOUR OF SLEEP! So that’s how it’s been this entire week. I’m tired as hell. I’ve fallen asleep standing on my feet. How many of you have done that? Yeah I did that while I was at a Change of Command Ceremony. I was that tired. I haven’t slept yet… Nope… Can’t waste the weekend! That reminds me though… I’m PISSED! I’m supposed to be on BLUE pass… but NOOOO! I’m on WHITE pass still because they SCREWED UP my score on the PT Test! So I have to pay for THEIR mistake. Oh that sounds SO DAMN FAIR!! They added two minutes to my run time. I ran 2 miles in 14:44 and they got it down as 16:44… bastards…

What else? Hmm… Nothing else I guess… 9 more weeks to go. I wanna get out of here ASAP. I’m gonna post something tomorrow too…

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