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Java SSH Client

Don’t worry about the journal entry. I fixed it! I’m just sooo good. Check out MindTerm :). It’s a Java SSH Client Applet for IE. It’s real good! I used that to get to the database… cool huh??

See you all next week!

Hello From Fort Lee

Marc! Why am I not surprised? I know my encryption and security measures are rather lame… By the way, delete the blank entry. I’m a perfection ist and it bothers me 😀


Fort Lee Virginia is Cool. But its also HOT AND HUMID. I’ll be back on September 4th. Long ways away. I’ll be posting here from time to time though.

Anyways… What else? Getting my ass kicked at PT. We run at 3pm. Take the Arizona heat at that time and add some humidity and what you get is horrible weather to be running in. But I did it somehow. Classes are BORING! I try SOOO hard to stay awake.

Drill Sergeants are cool. You just gotta respect them and they’re cool. They’re amazing individuals though.

That’s about it… Will be back with more 🙂

MARC! Delete that blank entry!!

Oh, and I’ll give you access to my website too… so you can do stuff the legal way 😉

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