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Month: May, 2002


Woohoo! I’m DONE!! I actually got done yesterday, but I was having so busy doing nothing that adding a journal entry was the last thing on my mind. This feels SO GOOD! I got a little les than a month here before I leave for AIT… June 3rd… There goes another summer…

I hate school

School sucks. It really sucks. I hate school. My last exam is tomorrow – Sociology 315: The Sociology of Courtship and Marriage. Pretty interesting. I have to read this book about Dating Delights, Discontents… blah blah something and everyone thinks I’m reading a book on how to date. When I tell them its for a class, they don’t seem to believe me… whatever… it is for a stupid class… I hate school… Here is a link to some pictures… I’m still trying to get Cookies to work… Gravey was nice enough to send me some code… Let’s see if that’ll work… Oh yeah, the pics are here… Check ’em out… later…

I hate cookies

IE won’t set my cookies… the ones I send through PHP. I hate it. This sucks. This really really really SUCKS. Finals get done on Tuesday… WOOHOOO!!! Can’t wait!!

Sessions SUCK!

I can’t manage sessions in PHP! I can’t do it! It’s not working!! GRAVEY!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW TO DO IT? I tried everything… I put an example from straight in and it still didn’t work… maybe I’ll just write my own session handler… register_globals is Off… track_vars is On… and do JACK… umm… if any one knows how to get it to work, email me

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